Christmas Cheer

We found out about a group that were trying to put on a Christmas Lunch for the homeless in the Salisbury area.  They wanted to book a hall, put in place some temporary beds and offer a warm bed, some Christmas company and a decent meal.  Obviously not a permanent fix, but a gesture of kindness at a time when loneliness can really set in.

The idea was kicked into touch by someone who works extensively with the homeless in their local area and they discovered that someone they regularly helped was ill with pneumonia and out on the streets.  In the end they had a Christmas tree, a warm lunch, buffet meal, packed lunch for the next day and a small gift, as well as that all essential warm bed to sleep in.  It is the little things we often take for granted that can mean the world to someone who doesn’t have a roof over their head.

We were very proud to help this group, even in the small way that we did.