Broken things

Occasionally one of our agents will have a friend or aquaintance who falls upon hard times.  When this happens the agent in question is usually a bit nervous about referring them, as they often feel too biased towards the case.  They needn’t worry though.  Need is need, and sometimes when it’s someone we know we can offer an insight that may have otherwise been missed.  The lady who was referred to us was well known by the agent who made the referral and had run into a spate of bad luck.  Although she was fully self-employed and her husband was also employed, they’d had a boiler breakdown as well as a car breakdown.  They’d managed without any hot water for a fortnight already, but with the car breaking down the lady in question now had no way to get to work.  We were able to send them £200 to sort the car ASAP and also get some essentials as they were running very low on food.  Soon after she was able to get the boiler repaired too!