A response from one of our clients to share

We recently had some feedback from a client following a recent grant that was sent across to help her and her young family. We do get lots of feedback but mostly it is a “thank you so much” or “this has made so much difference”, maybe a “this has made me cry that people want to help”, or only yesterday someone said “no one has helped me this way before”. Many people are embarrassed that they have needed the help and as you know no one is allowed to directly approach us for help, which allows us to be fairly certain that whom we help are in genuine need.

Every so often though you get one person who writes back just how they feel and this came through to us yesterday and we would like to share her words with you.

“just an update on the grant made recently to the woman near XXXX.
I just wanted to let you and the people who donated the money know that the last couple of weeks has been great for my family after receiving the donation. My children have eaten proper, nutritious meals for the first time in weeks as I have been able to do a proper shop. My son has started an new school this week and the money has enabled me to buy the uniform that he needed.
I have been able to make all of my medical appointments as we have also been able to put fuel in the car.
I can not express our gratitude enough. Your kindness and selflessness has really made a difference in our lives.
Other things are being sorted out too.”
From all of us here at The Biscuit Fund, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. Your donations help us so much to help those in such desperate situations. So thank you once again for your help, and please share this post to get the word out there if you can. 🙂

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