Child in need of a bed

We helped out a family yesterday, a single parent mum and her two children.  The mum is unable to work and is in receipt of disability benefits, and not in a financial position to buy a much needed bed for her oldest child.  A brand new mattress had been purchased for them by another organisation, however they were still without a bed frame.  The children are considered to be quite vulnerable, the reasons for which we cannot go into here.  We sent them across £80 to use towards the cost of a bedframe.  If they are fortunate, they might be able to pick up a good one second-hand and have some money left over for something else.

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Mum sleeping on the floor!

A very unwell mother had been sleeping on a mattress placed directly on the floor, but it had become so battered that it was no longer usable.  Once we found out, we sent over the sum of £200 to pay for a new bed.  She was extremely grateful and said she had never before had her own bed.

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