Unemployed man being pursued for debts

We were asked to help a young man who has found himself unemployed, and as he has spare bedrooms is liable for bedroom tax, and is in rent and council tax arrears which along with other debts is being pursued by the courts and bailiffs.  This is causing him extreme stress and anxiety, and he has been advised to allievate this by applying for a debt relief order.  However to do this he needs to pay the £90 fee, which he is unable to do.  We were asked if we could cover the cost of this for him which we agreed to do.

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A bed to sleep on!

A man who had been long term unemployed, but lived alone was unable to sleep as his bed kept falling apart, several times a week.  We sent a sum of money to cover the purchase of a replacement bed and also links to help him with his job searching efforts.  He was very grateful.  So important to get a good nights sleep.

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