Lady in intensive care

We were asked if we could help out a couple, both pensioners.  The lady has been diagnosed with cancer, and unfortunately has ended up in intensive care in a hospital some distance away from where they live.  The husband makes the 166 mile round trip to see her 2-3 times a week and stays when he can in the patient hotel at the hospital.  He has nowhere to store food while he visits so is reliant on catering avaible at the hospital which is expensive.  Although they are both in receipt of their pension, their outgoings are just £13 shy of the money they receive each month, due to an outstanding amount on their mortgage.  We agreed to send the couple £70 to help pay for food while he visits his wife in hospital.

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Grieving man struggling to cope

This case was brought to us because our contacts needed help for a man they are helping, a former alcoholic.  His partner died two weeks ago and he has been struggling to cope with the breavement and also staying on top of his need to drink.  He is supported by an outreach project and is travelling there everyday, taking a day at a time to stay on top of things.  The cost to get there is seriously eating into the money he has available and following the funeral things are seriously going downhill.  He also suffers with depression and anxiety and has applied for PIP (Personal Independence Payments) as he is already in receipt of Employment Support Allowance.  We agreed to send him £150 to keep him going, as the application for PIP will take at least 8 weeks to get sorted, and he is currently paying £17 a week for a bus pass which he is using daily to get to his alcoholism support group.

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Toddler burns hand on hotplate

A toddler/young child reached up and touched the hotplate on the cooker while his mums back was turned.  It only took a second, but has left the child with quite serious burns on his hand.  The hotplate was switched off at the time, but had been used and was cooling down.  They took him to their local A&E, however due to his burns the hospital sent them to another hospital for specialist treatment quite some distance from their home.  They are on an extremely limited budget and having to spend money on train fares left them without money for food  (the mother and child live with the child's grandmother).  We have advised the mother that she can claim the travel costs back for the scheduled appointments as she is on the required benefits to do this, however as she'll be doing this retrospectively the money won't be repaid straightaway.  We agreed to send over £40 to keep them going until her next payment arrives.

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Travel costs covered

Our client this weekend is a man who has been battling substance abuse for a long time.  He was offered the opportunity to go to rehabiliation to get clean and start a new life, but he was stuck as he didn't have enough money to cover the cost of the rail fare to get there.  We agreed to cover the cost as this would be a life changing thing for him, and sent across the £47 needed.

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