Man moves into hostel accommodation

A man, previously street homeless has been offered temporary accommodation in a homeless hostel.  Since moving in he has not had access to any money, due to him not having a bank account.  Our agents have supported him in applying for a bank account and then for benefits. The hostel have been providing him with food parcels, but the local council are unable to support him as he is not currently in receipt of a qualifying benefit. He has an appointment with the DWP to prove his identity for later in August, so until that time and his benefits can be put into payment he has nothing.  We agreed to send him £50 to buy some toiletries and some small essential items.

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Heavily pregnant mother at Christmas has benefits suspended

We had an urgent case to respond to.  A pregnant mother, baby due the 23rd of this month has had her benefits suspended because she has been told she has failed the habitual residency test.  She actually has leave to stay indefinitely in the UK, however there was a house fire and her documents confirming this were lost in the fire.  The DWP have already had sight of these documents when she applied in the first place, but they are now saying she isn't entitled.  As her home and belongings were destroyed she is now living in temporary accommodation, housed by her local council. She is in the process of getting her documentation replaced via the Home Office and has been given a small grant of £105 by her council but she cannot claim anything more.  That money she used to buy food for herself and some items for the baby, however she does not even have money to be able to get herself to the hospital when she needs to.  We agreed to send her today £150 so she can have some money to help her out.  Our agents are supporting her in getting the habitual residency test resolved and are appealing the Universal Credit suspension decision.

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Single Mum with one year old in a Universal Credit pickle

Our person in need of help is a young single mum, with a one year old son.  She has recently been moved out of emergency accommodation and into a temporary home.  She has been dealing with the benefits system, claiming Universal Credit.  There have been repeated problems with her claim, when some of the money has been missing, or her payments stopped due to a misunderstanding over her rent.  She has had to resubmit her claim and will yet again have to wait to be paid, having to wait another 4-5 weeks.  Being in temporary accommodation she is under enormous pressure to make sure that her bills are met, in order for her to move successfully on in the future.  We agreed to send over £150 to keep her going over the next few weeks until her payments restart.  In the meantime, our agents that are helping her, and who approached us, are helping her with a nil income form for her rent and council tax.

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