Lady in desperate situation following her brother's suicide

We were urgently approached about a lady who was under threat of losing her home.  She was employed in a very low income job, but following her brother's suicide she had been unable to work.  Her doctor has signed her off work for the time being, and she had put a claim in for sickness benefit, but was waiting for that to be actioned.  In the meantime her landlord was pushing to repossess her home.  We agreed to send across £250 directly to the landlord which was an agreed amount that would prevent things being taken further.  Hopefully her claim for housing benefit will be in place soon and with the arrears caught up it will allow her a chance to try to recover from what has happened.

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Very vunerable woman assisted

Our agent told us of a lady who had extreme mental health issues, she has had the Crisis Team put in touch with her but so far very little has happened to help her.  She was hearing voices telling her her very old and ailing fridge freezer was going to cause a fire while she slept.  This was only making her distress even worse, and she had already attemtped to take her own life twice already in an effort to stop the voices.  A friend had confirmed that the fridge freezer was very old, about to pack in and was making very strange noises.  So we agreed to purchase a new, very reasonably priced, under counter fridge freezer, which we had delivered directly to her.  Hopefully this will no reassure her somewhat, and ease some of her worries.

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