Young single mum diagnosed with cancer

A young mum, 25 years old has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing extensive treatment.  She was working full-time, but is off work at the moment on half-pay and will soon move over to Statutory Sick Pay only.  This is causing her distress as she has a mortgage, her bills and her 4 year old to think of, as well as trying to recover.  Grants from elsewhere have been applied for on her behalf, but in the meantime she is unable to cover her energy costs and some other bills, so we agreed to send her £100 to tide her over until her other payments kick in.

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Mother of three moves from cramped apartment

A single mother of three children, all under five years of age have been able to move from their cramped apartment to a more suitable house for them all.  The mother copes on her own financially with the children as their father is not around, nor does he contribute towards child maintenance.   The mother is getting very panicky as she is aware it is expensive to move, plus more importantly her new home has stairs and the children aren't used to stairs at all, so she needs to purchase some safety gates.  Plus she is in distress over the cost of moving, and the switch over of addresses as that often involves unforseen costs.  We agreed to send her £100 to help her out with this.

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Single Mum of 1 in low-paid cleaning job

A single mother of one child who works part-time in a low-paid cleaning job has finally been offered a place for her and her young child to live.  Unfortunately there is not an oven there so she is unable to provide cooked meals.  She is not in a position to be able to purchase an oven herself as they are barely keeping their heads above water financially.  We offered to send her £80 towards the purchase of a second-hand or reconditioned oven.

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Single mum left with nothing from Universal Credit

Our agents contacted us about a single mum that works part-time, due the fluctuating nature of her hours of work, she has been in receipt of Universal Credit (UC), but this month it has ended up that she has received nothing from UC at all.  This has left her in a predicament over her bills and she is without any money to pay for her monthly bus pass, which comes to £64, or to top up her energy meters.  Our agents are currently applying for some energy credit on her behalf, as well as doing a benefits check to make sure she has fully claimed all she is able to.  We agreed to send her £100 to help her pay for her travel costs and for some money for food.  We had some feedback to say she was very grateful for the help, and that our agents are helping her to source access to a suitable training course so that she could apply for a full-time management job.

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Mother of one left without money

A young mother who is employed but in receipt of Universal Credit to top up her income has found herself through no fault of her own without any money.  She relies on the UC payment, but because her employer advised HMRC of an incorrect amount this has meant there was no UC payment.  She has been existing on foodbanks for her and her 3 year old daughter.  They have managed to secure an advance on the UC, and our agents are trying to get a resolution manager at the DWP to look at this lady's case as a priority one that needs resolving fast.  We sent over £150 as her next wage is not due until the middle of April.

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Mum returns home to find fire damage

We were asked to help a young mum of two children, the eldest 9 years of age, the youngest under a year.  She and the children had stayed overnight with a family member, only to return home to discover someone had set fire to her front door.  The smoke had got into the house and had damaged some of the soft furnishings and the childrens toys.  We agreed to send over £50 towards items for the children.

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Young mum struggling with heating costs

Help was needed for a young mum who works part-time and is in receipt of tax credits. Her son was born prematurely and as a result of this has speech and developmental delays, but also has issues with his chest which has seen him hospitalised several times already this year.  The cost of getting him to and from hospital is proving to be an added expense she wasnt prepared for.  Also though it has been necessary for her to have the heating on more often because of her son's chest infections. She has now had to apply for disability living allowance for her son, and if successful this will help her enormously, but there is quite a wait to find out if the claim is successful or not.  In the meantime we agreed to send her £150 to help her out.

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Young mum without money to heat home

We were asked to help a young mum with two young children who has a few days to wait until her next Universal Credit payment and has no money for the gas and electricity meters.  She is struggling to make her money last her and has been referred for budgeting assistance to help her going forward.  We agreed to send her £50 so she can top up her meters and be warm for the next week until she is paid her benefits again.

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Dad leaves family home with children

A dad found himself as sole carer of his three children, after they were placed in his care, due to the alcohol dependence of their mother.  The father left the home when the situation became impossible for him to continue with anymore.  He is now trying to provide his three sons with a safe and secure place to live.  The stress of the situation caused him to lose his job and he is currently in the process of claiming Job Seekers Allowance.  The family have the support of a social worker to help them get things sorted out, such as getting the child benefit and child tax credits transferred to him in his name.  He is in desperate need of a fridge, freezer and a vacuum cleaner which they were hoping to get hold of secondhand.  We agreed to send him £150 to help him out, plus an extra £50 for the children.

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Single mum of two struggling to manage

We were approached and asked to help a mum of two children.  She suffers with depression and has recently been refused ESA at an assessment earlier this year.  She is now existing on her child tax credits and child benefits payments only which are not stretching far enough, so has been borrowing from friends and relatives with no spare cash to be able to pay that back.  Our agents are helping her to request for this decision to be reconsidered, and also that her housing benefit be put back into payment before she falls too deeply into rental arrears.  She doesn't feel mentally able enough to claim job seekers allowance, but our agents are going to help her with this, because it will take a long time for the application to have the ESA decision overturned.  We agreed to send the family £100 so that they can buy some food and to help with gas and electric.

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Single mum of three without gas or electric

Our agents contacted us to ask for our help with a newly single mum of three children, who is battling the benefits system to claim benefits in her own right.  Having recently become a single parent she has been told that there has been an overpayment of child tax credits, so it is uncertain if she will be able to be paid any child tax credits.  She will be able to claim some other benefits but those won't be in payment until next week.  We agreed to send her £75 so that she can afford to get some food and top up her gas and electric meters, so that they have energy to heat the house, and be able to cook food.  

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Single mum of 4 left without heating

We had an urgent request today from our agents.  They had a lady, a single mother of 4 young children, that have been sent home from school because of the snow conditions.  Her income support payment came through today, but her bank account was hit with direct debit payments coming out leaving her without any money and only  £1.32 left on her meters.  She was in a bit of a state worried about keeping the children warm with no money to heat the house.  We agreed to send over £100 to use to put some money on the meters and to buy food for the five of them.  

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Young woman takes on care of her sister's children

Our agents contacted us urgently about a young woman, who is 24 years old.  She has two very young children of her own, but has now taken on the responsibility for caring for her sisters two children as well.  Her sister has been sectioned under the mental health act.  As the sister was sectioned voluntarily, it means that there is no financial help for the sister now caring for the four children, instead of just her two.  She is able to claim child tax credits and child benefit while they are with her, but that is going to take some time to get sorted out and put into place.  In the meantime, she needs money for clothes, shoes and food, as her own money cannot stretch far enough to cover them all.  We agreed to send her £150, to pay for what she needs. .  

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Help with Housing Benefit

A lady came to our attention, a single mum who had recently had her abusive partner removed from their home and was facing the threat of imminent eviction.  She is a student, studying full time to try to improve their long term situation as well as being a mum.  She'd been having trouble with obtaining housing benefit because her council kept saying she wasn't entitled.  This is where our contact came in who spoke to this lady's local authority and reminded them of the housing benefit rules.  They then confirmed that she was entitled after all, and arrangement was made to process the housing benefit claim, which would though only be backdated so far.  This resulted in a shortfall in the rent, which they expected this lady to find, which was proving almost impossible for her as she is existing on child tax credits payments only, (the child benefit was still being claimed by her abusive partner, which they are in the process of having switched back).  

We agreed that we would meet the shortfall in rent so she didn't have to worry about that, and give her some extra money to be able to buy food and clothing for herself and her two children.  In all we agreed a total amount of £250. Our agent is going to continue supporting this young woman until her issues can be fully resolved.

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