Mother and child escape domestic violence situation

We were asked to help a single mum who was forced to move into a refuge with her child, when he husband becamse emotionally and physically abusive to her.  He ended up going to prison for another even more serious offence.  She struggled in the refuge, blaming herself for everything that went wrong, an impact of her earlier emotional abuse.  Her and her son moved out of the refuge and is now finally living somewhere where she feels able to start over again.  Unfortunately though, as a result of her marriage failing and previous debts she finds herself struggling to cope financially.  Our agents asked if we could assist by covering the £90 application fee for a debt relief order, which we agreed to do.

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Mother of three under threat of bailiffs

A mother of three, with severe mental health problems is having difficulties with bailiffs knocking on her door chasing debts.  She has had a very difficult life, with her mother being imprisoned when she was a child, resulting in her being cared for outside of the family.  After struggling with this, she then went to live with her grandparents until her grandfather died when she was 11.  Her mother returned but was very manipulative and bad with money, so she has not had good role models in her life.  As well as that her mother was physically abusive towards her and also kept her away from school, resulting in her suffering in terms of her education. She has been really let down in respect of support and care, and now finds herself in debt again due to this lack of support.  The bailiffs are causing her a great deal of stress and impacting her mental health in a very negative way.  Our agents are very impressed at how caring she is with her own children and how she is trying to make their lives better, but this recent development is really getting her down.  We were asked to support her by covering the cost of a debt relief order, which we were happy to do, along with sending her £60 as a morale boost for her and her family.

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