Foodbank in need of supplies

One of our Biscuits spotted that the foodbank near to where she lives was appealing for donations and running a food drive at one of the supermarkets nearby.  They have had a massive increase in the number of people needing support over the past year which has resulted in their stocks becoming incredibly low.  We agreed we would arrange for someone to purchase a supermarket voucher to the value of £70 and present it to them so they can use it to purchase exactly what is needed.

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Foodbank supplies running low

We had a call out for help with a foodbank that had posted on social media that they were very low on non-perishable items and concerned they might have to turn people away.  This was a quick and easy decision, as one sum of money helps lots of people at once.  We agreed to send them £60 so that they could use the money to purchase what they needed.

Tags : foodbanks runninglowonsupplies non-perishablefoods


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