Man left without benefits payments

Our contact asked us to help a young man whose benefits were all stopped in January this year.  Since then he has been without any money and relying on his siblings to provide him with enough food to just about survive.  He is now being helped to get his benefits payments back into place, and to get the tenancy of his parents home transfered to his name,  It is expected that his payments will begin again in two weeks time, but he has exhausted all the local support schemes, including his right to a voucher at the food banks.  We agreed to send him £100 to keep him going until his money comes through.

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Sanctioned from ESA for 4 Weeks!

Our agent told us of a man with physical disabilities as well as mental health issues.  He had been sent a letter requesting he attend a meeting at his local job centre, however the letter was sent to the local contact point but he never received it as he is living homeless and it went to the local night shelter.  The result of the missed appointment was that the DWP sanctioned his money for 4 weeks, which means for the next four weeks he receives nothing at all.  Our agent said she would help him appeal the sanction and get his money reinstated.  We agreed a sum of money be sent over to him to enable him to purchase some food and last him until his benefits can be reinstated.

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