Vulnerable adult without access to washing facilities

We had an urgent request for an adult male who has learning difficulties.  He has a washing machine, however it is broken and he can't afford to get it fixed.  He is super aware of his personal hygiene, and being unable to even handwash his clothes due to his poor health, this has stopped him attending important appointments.  We agreed to send across £80 to be used to either repair his existing machine, or to pay for a second hand washing machine.

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No means of heating or cooking food

We were contacted by an agent to ask if we could help a man with learning difficulties, he has a criminal history, but since being released from prison he has successfully found full time employment and has reconnected with his family.  Our agents became involved as he needed support with his housing as he was sofa surfing with no fixed address of his own.  They have managed to help him get a place of his own, but of course as he has nothing to his name, finding furniture and household goods is both expensive and difficult.  He has been spending pretty much all his wages on his home and getting what he needs but they realised he had no means of cooking or heating food, nor any pots and pans.  So they asked if we could fund a microwave for him so at least come Christmas he can heat or cook himself a hot meal.  We sent across £50 to help him do this.

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Daughter needs a bed

A couple, both with learning difficulties and health conditions, were offered a bank overdraft, but they didn't understand quite what an overdraft was, and spent money, believing it was theirs, only to find it wasn't and they were now in a lot of debt.  They have been working with our agents to find a way out of debt, and remain in touch to stay out of debt.  Our agents told us that the couple's daughter, who also has learning difficulties, desperately needs a single bed.  The couple are not in the position to be able to purchase one for her, and are afraid of getting into debt again, plus they are struggling now their child tax credit and child benefits payments have stopped.  We agreed we would send across £100 as a contribution towards a bed for her.

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