Single mum of two moves to home which is in need of decoration

We were approached to help a single mum of two young children, who had been employed in her own business via a franchise scheme.  Sadly she had to give up work earlier this year as her health could no longer cope with the demands.  She has fallen into a lot of debt due to not having any income and has been forced to approach the Citizen Advice Bureau where she lives for debt advice and guidance.  In an effort to cut back on expenditure she has house swapped within social housing to a smaller property to reduce the bedroom tax demands on her.  Sadly, the house was previously occupied by a family that had dogs and there is quite a bit of damage inside the property and it has been left in a poor decorative state.  We agreed to send her £50 to help towards getting some items she needs, she says she is capable of doing her own decorating, she just couldn't afford any paint, etc.

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Single mum of 4 left without heating

We had an urgent request today from our agents.  They had a lady, a single mother of 4 young children, that have been sent home from school because of the snow conditions.  Her income support payment came through today, but her bank account was hit with direct debit payments coming out leaving her without any money and only  £1.32 left on her meters.  She was in a bit of a state worried about keeping the children warm with no money to heat the house.  We agreed to send over £100 to use to put some money on the meters and to buy food for the five of them.  

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Woman's son dies while on holiday

We were approached on behalf of a lady whose son died while he was away on holiday.  She was his carer and claimed carers allowance, as well as income support.  After her son died, her claim to carers allowance stopped, and so of course did her income support top up.  She has been assisted to make a claim for Employment Support Allowance in her own right, as she herself is now not well enough to work.  She will not receive any payment for this until early October, so a request was made for some funds to allow her to purchase some food and put some energy on to her meters.  We agreed to send across £50 to tide her over until her ESA payments kick in.

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