Homeless man has his belongings taken

This case was spotted in a social media group by one of her contacts, who asked us to offer a small boost to help the person out.  They are living street homeless, in a tent, but at the same time trying to put themselves through University.  A rucksack was taken from their tent which contained their laptop, lecture notes, university books and a memory stick.  We made contact with the person and sent over £50 to help them out a little.

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Woman struggling to stay in her home

We were approached to help a woman who following a relationship breakdown found herself homeless.  She also had recently lost her expected baby which had had a huge impact on her mental health.  She was taken in and supported by a refuge then finally a flat was found for her to move into.  Her benefits payments have been impacted resulting in her not receiving her payments one month, which caused her to fall into arrears with her rent.  Our agents are helping her to apply for a discretionary housing payment and to get her rent arrears sorted.  We agreed that we would send her £30 as a moral boost and to allow her to get some groceries in.

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Man released from prison

We were asked to assist a man who after a lengthy period has been released from prison.  He is determined to stay out of trouble and not return, but has been released with nowhere to go to or any support in place.  He has had the sense to seek out help for himself and with their support has signed a tenancy in a hostel.  He doesn't have anything to his name though, and would need to visit the charity shops in his area to get some bits, such as clothing, plates, cups, saucepans, bedding even.  We agreed to send him £100 to help him out as we believe this help could be lifechanging for him.

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Man finally off the streets

We were approached about some help for a man who has been living in a hostel for the past two years.  He has finally been given a place of his own, but needed £76 for the month in advance rent.  We agreed to helping with this and to round the amount up to £100 as he will need to purchase items to help him set up home.

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Single Mum with one year old in a Universal Credit pickle

Our person in need of help is a young single mum, with a one year old son.  She has recently been moved out of emergency accommodation and into a temporary home.  She has been dealing with the benefits system, claiming Universal Credit.  There have been repeated problems with her claim, when some of the money has been missing, or her payments stopped due to a misunderstanding over her rent.  She has had to resubmit her claim and will yet again have to wait to be paid, having to wait another 4-5 weeks.  Being in temporary accommodation she is under enormous pressure to make sure that her bills are met, in order for her to move successfully on in the future.  We agreed to send over £150 to keep her going over the next few weeks until her payments restart.  In the meantime, our agents that are helping her, and who approached us, are helping her with a nil income form for her rent and council tax.

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Homeless man leaves the streets behind

Today we sent across £62.22 to help a formerly homeless man access accommodation.  He had been offered a permanent place to stay, but needed two service charges paying, totalling £50.22 , before he could move in.  Then he needed to collect his belongings which had been stored for him by a hostel, so needed £12 to pay the taxi fare, to collect those and take them to his new home.  All in all a very good outcome.


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No clothes, no shoes!

A homeless charity were supporting a young girl who had no spare clothing, nor spare shoes.  They desperately needed size 6 clothes and size 4 shoes.  We got in touch with them to see if we could help, who responded by saying they'd had some clothes and shoes donated to give to her.  They had secured accommodation for her, donated plenty of food and assisted with applying for benefits.  They asked if we could possibly send a small amount of money instead to tider her over until her first benefit payment could be made.  So we sent £50 today for them to pass on to her.

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Homeless lady diagnosed with cancer

We were approached about a lady who was street homeless, with breast cancer, which had unfortunately spread to her lymphnodes.  The hospital were unable to treat her while she was homeless, so her local council have been pressured into providing her with adequate housing.  It is only a small place, which has to be self contained and kept spotlessly clean as once she begins treatment her immune system will be obliterated and she'll be at risk to catching infections.

All she had with her was a supermarket bag for life, containing her few belongings.  Her travel costs had already been covered by a sponsor, but we sent across £150, so that she could buy a bed and mattress, a small chest of drawers and some cooking pots.

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Trying to get 'home'

We were contacted urgently about a man who was struggling to get housed in the town he was in.  His street daughter (not his biological daughter) was in this town and he was hopeful that would allow him be housed in that area so they could stay in touch.  Unfortunately he wasn't supported with this as well as hoped with this and it ended up badly with him miles from his friends, and with nowhere to be.  He is suffering with alcoholic dementia and his body is 80% covered with psoriasis, with 40% of that, open wounds.  He had no money to get back to his friends who were waiting for him, ready to take care of him.  We sent across a sum of money to provide some money for food and supplies, and to pay for his train ticket to return 'home', even though that meant still living out on the streets.

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Hospital Dash!

We were contacted urgently about a lady who is staying in a hostel and was complaining about a sudden and unexpected pain in her leg, accommpanied by it feeling very hot to the touch.  The hostel had a look at it and said it was a bruise and nothing to worry about, but she rang 111 who told her to go to hospital.  The trouble though was that she had no money to get to the hospital so said she'd leave it until the morning.  We sent across £10 to get her to and from the hospital.

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Young man in desperate need of financial support

We came across a young man  who had been struggling to keep himself out of trouble until he started to volunteer with a charity in his local area, helping people that are street homeless.  By helping out with the charity he was unwittingly helping himself, and many of the various agencies involved have been commenting on how this is such a positive result for him.  He is taking some time out from the charity for a while and needed a small amount of financial support, so we sent across £40 to tide him over.  The charity are hoping to see him back with them soon, offering his invaluable help.

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Just a quick one!

We were alerted to someone who was finally being allowed to move out of rehab and had a flat ready and waiting for them to move into, but the barrier to this becoming a possibility was the requirement that a week's rent of £87 be paid up front.  We quickly agreed that to do this was the best way to support this person, and arranged for the sum of £87 to be sent directly to the landlord to make sure it was all dealt with speedily and without delay.  They were able to move into their new accommodation that very day.

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Unable to get back home again

At a soup kitchen today a lady showed up asking for food.  She explained she had travelled down to see family from a distance away but it had all gone horribly wrong.  She was unable to get back home again and had no money to pay for the fare.  She'd been forced to live on the streets, homeless, even though she had a home to go to.  She needed £33 to buy a ticket to get back home again, so we agreed to cover the cost of her train fare home.  Our agent purchased the ticket for her as she didn't have any cards or anything to use.  We were pleased to have resolved this issue within an hour of it coming to our attention.  

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Only the clothes she was standing in

Our agent told us of a lady who because of a thyroid imbalance, mental health issues and asthma was having to be frequently admitted to hospital for treatment.  The thyroid imbalance caused her to be morbidly obsese, which meant she struggled with washing, and also didn't have any spare clothes at all, only those she struggled to stand up in.  This meant her clothes were in need of washing and have lots holes in them.  This is alienating her from other people that are currently staying temporarily in the same hostel as her.  We agreed to send across a sum of money to allow her to purchase some spare clothes.  Our agent will help her bid on accommodation with her local authority.  Also they will be making sure that all is done that can be done to support her and her health conditions.

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Night kitchen donation

We were made aware of a night kitchen, serving much needed warm food, to 50-80 people per night, many of them regulars that are living on the streets.  We like to be able to do something like this from time to time as it allows us to help lots of people, all at once.  Plus the night kitchen were very grateful for the £100 we sent across to them.  This will allow them to stock up their 'larder' for future night time meals.

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Christmas Cheer!

We found out about a group that were trying to put on a Christmas Lunch for the homeless in the Salisbury area.  They wanted to book a hall, put in place some temporary beds and offer a warm bed, some Christmas company and a decent meal.  Obviously not a permanent fix, but a gesture of kindness at a time when loneliness can really set in.

The idea was kicked into touch by someone who works extensively with the homeless in their local area and they discovered that someone they regularly helped was ill with pneumonia and out on the streets.  In the end they had a Christmas tree, a warm lunch, buffet meal, packed lunch for the next day and a small gift, as well as that all essential warm bed to sleep in.  It is the little things we often take for granted that can mean the world to someone who doesn't have a roof over their head.

We were very proud to help this group, even in the small way that we did.

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72 year old diabetic man, left to live in his car!

We were made aware of this man's plight through a reliable connection so we decided to investigate further, especially as the weather was so uncertain and of course with diabetes it is important that you eat regularly to keep the condition under control.  It turns out that he'd been evicted from his property by his housing association because he had fallen into arrears with his rent.  The bailiffs arrived and changed the locks on his property whilst he was actually at court!

Further enquiries found that although he'd been offered a place in a halfway house, the rules regarding times you had to be in your room meant that he would be unable to continue his volunteer work as a relief driver so he turned it down.  As he had done this, the authorities were reluctant to help him further, which suggests they felt he'd had his chance and blown it.

We then learnt that he'd been offered a place to move to in the new year.  He'd managed to save his white goods and cooking equipment (we found out he was a keen chef), but he needed money to pay for bedding and or a chair or sofa, so we agreed on a sum of £200 to help him out.

A phone call to him later and it was all sorted out.  Turns out he was a really lovely man, quite a gentleman on the phone and very grateful for the help from The Biscuit Fund.

So a happy outcome, just in time for Christmas!


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