Disabled lady in need of assistance

Our agents approached us about a lady who is disabled herself as well as a carer for her father.  Their washing machine broke which left them in a predicament.  Our agents have managed to secure a replacement machine for her via a grant, however that grant won't cover the cost of removal of the old machine and fitting of the new one.  We were asked if this is something we could help with.  We agreed to send £45 to cover this cost, as otherwise the machine is totally useless to her if she is unable to use it.

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Young expectant mum offered a home for her and her baby

This young mum is a 22 year old care leaver.  She is currently pregnant and her baby is due in less than a couple of months.  She has been offered a home at a supported living facility and has been successful in securing a grant to purchase some of the items she needs, such as a bed and a fridge.  Other grants have helped with baby things, such as a cot, blankets, clothes, etc, but she still needs money for bedding, quilt and pillows.  We agreed to send £100 to help her to be able to buy these things in readiness for her move.

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Man off the streets and into a home of his own

Our client is a young man who has been street homeless for sometime.  He has now been offered a permanent place of his own, but obviously has nothing to his name in terms of furniture or white goods.  Our agents have applied to his local council for a welfare grant and they have supplied a fridge, kettle and a toaster.  A cooker and a washing machine have been applied to one grant for, and for a freezer to another grant.  This means he still needs a bed and a chair or sofa of some kind and we were asked to help with this.  We agreed to send him £100 so that he can access his local Emmamus to get both of these from them second hand.  Any left over money can be used to purchase some bedding.

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