Family fleeing domestic violence

Our agents are an organisation that works directly with homeless people, and the case they brought to us this time, is of a mother and two children, 14 and 8 years old.  They had fled to the city, away from a domestic violence situation and had arrived with nothing but the clothes and belongings they were able to take with them.  The support worker had managed to get them into emergency accommodation and finally into temporary accommodation in the city.  She has arranged via local organisations to get them some furniture, such as beds and a sofa and a box of items for the kitchen, but they don't have access to a fridge or a cooker, and are currently keeping food chilled in a bowl of cold water.  We agreed to send them £80 to use as they see fit, to buy food or put towards getting a second-hand cooker or fridge.  We also referred them on to one of the bigger charities that do take longer to give an answer, but they do offer larger amounts of money than we are able to.

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A sad case needs help

Our contacts asked us to assist a family this time.  They are a mother and father, and two children, one 11 months and one born last month, but 7 weeks premature.  The youngest child was born not properly developed, and was born without a fully functioning digestive system, so has to have a colostemy bag fitted until the child is old enough to have reconstructive surgery to address its needs.  They are currently living in an emergency unit and don't have any spare money at all.  They have been assisted to put in a new claim for Universal Credit, but that will take 4-6 weeks to be put into payment.  They need to travel back and forth to the hospital and that costs money for bus fares, so the mother has been walking the long distance there with the children in a buggy, however the buggy is now broken and needs replacing which they can't afford.  Our agents were concerned because the mother was considering a payday loan so she could replace the buggy and have some money for bus fares.  We agreed to send across £150 to allow them to replace the buggy (with hopefully a preloved one to make their money stretch further) and have some money left over to pay for the bus.  They should aslo be able to apply for an advanced payment of the Universal Credit, which will arrive sooner than the 4-6 weeks.

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Single Mum with one year old in a Universal Credit pickle

Our person in need of help is a young single mum, with a one year old son.  She has recently been moved out of emergency accommodation and into a temporary home.  She has been dealing with the benefits system, claiming Universal Credit.  There have been repeated problems with her claim, when some of the money has been missing, or her payments stopped due to a misunderstanding over her rent.  She has had to resubmit her claim and will yet again have to wait to be paid, having to wait another 4-5 weeks.  Being in temporary accommodation she is under enormous pressure to make sure that her bills are met, in order for her to move successfully on in the future.  We agreed to send over £150 to keep her going over the next few weeks until her payments restart.  In the meantime, our agents that are helping her, and who approached us, are helping her with a nil income form for her rent and council tax.

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