Young single mum diagnosed with cancer

A young mum, 25 years old has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing extensive treatment.  She was working full-time, but is off work at the moment on half-pay and will soon move over to Statutory Sick Pay only.  This is causing her distress as she has a mortgage, her bills and her 4 year old to think of, as well as trying to recover.  Grants from elsewhere have been applied for on her behalf, but in the meantime she is unable to cover her energy costs and some other bills, so we agreed to send her £100 to tide her over until her other payments kick in.

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Lady in hostel due to domestic violence

Our help was needed for a lady who has fled a domestic violence situation and is currently residing in a hostel until she can secure alternative accommodation.  Unfortunately she cannot be permitted to go into social housing as she has rent arrears so she can only consider private renting.  She has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and her life expectancy is not good.  Another grant was sought from elsewhere by our agents which was successful, plus she had a tiny amount of money saved, but just needed a bit extra to allow her to put down a deposit and pay a months rent ahead, so we agreed to send her £100 to help.

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Family disrupted as youngest has cancer

A family of six have had their world turned upside down by their youngest who is only 7 months old has been diagnosed with cancer.  She is currently an inpatient at hospital and receiving treatment, so the family as they live some distance from the hospital are trying to be there with her as much as they can.  The father was working full-time until his daughter's diagnosis and has now given up work to be close to her.  They are struggling as a family as their income just about covers their rent and council tax.  Our agents are assisting them in submitting a claim for benefits to help them going forward.  In the meantime they have no money for food and are often going without as they are unable to store food at the hospital.  We agreed to send across £50 to help them out in the short term.

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Mother in stressful situation

A mother who is currently receiving treatment for cancer, recently managed to escape from years of abuse from her ex partner.  As a result she is in a lot of debt which she is chipping away at.  Her mental health is not good as she recently found out that her son was found dead, and she is still waiting on the outcome of the inquest as to how he died as it was in unusual circumstances.  She has two other dependents that rely on her financially.  We agreed to send her £80 to assist her.

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Pensioner dealing with cancer is without food

A lady who is currently dealing with ovarian cancer and spinal metatases, lives with her husband.  Currently the only income they receive is her £145 pension per week.  They do own their own home, but still have bills to pay out of that, including energy, water, council tax etc.  Our agents are assisting her in applying for pension credit and her husband has no income at all, so they are helping him to claim Universal Credit.  In the meantime they don't have any money for food, so we sent them £100 so they could get some food shopping in.

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Woman unable to manage

We were approached about a family, a mother and father and their young son.  The mother has been receiving treatment for cancer, and the impact of this is that she is now struggling with extreme fatigue, mobility and coordination issues.  Her husband has recently lost his job, so they are really struggling to cope financially, with her claiming Employment Support Allowance as she is unable to work.  The impact of the cancer on the mother has meant she has to rest a lot, and they are unable to put the heating on if she needs it because they can not afford it.  We agreed to send them £100 to help them out.

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Lady with cancer struggling with rental payments

Our help was needed today for a lady in her late 60s who has had to give up work as she has been diagnosed with kidney cancer.  She also is suffering from advanced COPD.  Since having given up work she now finds herself in a position where she is unable to cover her rental payments, despite receiving housing benefit.  Our agents are now helping her to apply for social housing to reduce her monthly costs.  At the moment she is just unable to cope and is concerned she needs money for energy costs for her home and fuel costs to allow her to get to her hospital appointments.  We agreed to send her £100 to help her with these costs.

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Sick lady who is unable to afford to get to hospital

We were contacted about a lady who has recently returned to the UK, from Gibraltar, where she has been living, fleeing a domestic violence situation.  She is currently staying with family and has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately she is unable to claim any benefits for three months, as she was living outside the UK.  Our agents are hoping to try to fast track her claim, but at the moment she has no money and is unable to afford to attend hospital for her treatment appointments.  We agreed to send her £100 to help her out.

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