Lady's home surrounded by rats

A lady who recently bought a home in a new area, unaware that the home she is living in is in an area which is plagued with rats.  She is extremely stressed by the situation which is negatively impacting her mental health.  She is trying to find somewhere temporary to stay, but is struggling with this.  Her fridge has broken, and she is not due any benefits payments until the end of August, and even then after deductions she is left with £145 to pay for her food and bills for the month.  We agreed to send her £150 so she could purchase a second hand fridge and do a decent food shop, plus have money for her energy meters.

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Fridge Fiasco!

We were made aware of a man who volunteers in his local area with an organisation that helps the less fortunate.  He'd discovered  his fridge had blown and all his food had gone off.  It was a second hand fridge anyhow that had been given to him by a friend, and had lasted well.   He'd been offered a replacement fridge, which the organisation he volunteers for was going to arrange to get PAT tested for him, but he had no money to buy any food until his benefits payments were due to be paid next Tuesday.  We agreed to send across a sum of £30 so that he could replace the food he'd lost and refill his fridge.

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