Adult son needs mother's help with care needs

Our case here is for an adult male who has injured his shoulder and has had to have surgery on it.  The recovery time is 6-9 months, and despite the surgery he is in pain and in need of help with day to day activities.  His mother has moved in to help him with this, as he is having to take morphine which is leaving him worn out.  He doesn't have a spare bed, so his mum is sleeping on the sofa which isn't ideal.  We were asked to help by contributing towards the cost of a bed for her.  Following discussions with our contact it was felt a folding camp style bed would be a suitable option, so we agreed to send across £50 to cover the cost of that.

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Daughter needs a bed

A couple, both with learning difficulties and health conditions, were offered a bank overdraft, but they didn't understand quite what an overdraft was, and spent money, believing it was theirs, only to find it wasn't and they were now in a lot of debt.  They have been working with our agents to find a way out of debt, and remain in touch to stay out of debt.  Our agents told us that the couple's daughter, who also has learning difficulties, desperately needs a single bed.  The couple are not in the position to be able to purchase one for her, and are afraid of getting into debt again, plus they are struggling now their child tax credit and child benefits payments have stopped.  We agreed we would send across £100 as a contribution towards a bed for her.

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Couple sleeping on the floor

We were approached to see if we could possibly consider helping a couple who did not have a bed and were forced to sleep on the floor, without even a mattress.  The wife works, in a situation where she helps others, extremely less fortunate than herself.  They are in a huge amount of debt and unable to spend any money on a bed, and even if they come into any extra money she prioritises it for the debts first.  Our agent wanted to arrange for a bed to be purchased on their behalf and delivered.  (Our Agent knew any money we offered, they'd put straight to the debts.  The lack of a bed, and lack of sleep, was seriously affecting the mental health of them both).  The husband hasn't worked for five years as he suffers with extreme agoraphobia, and even the idea of a bed being delivered was sending him into extreme anxiety.  Our agent managed to find a well priced bed frame, mattress, and a bottom sheet for them, and using discount codes got the price reduced to £192.91 including delivery on a day and time of their choice.

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A bed to sleep on!

A man who had been long term unemployed, but lived alone was unable to sleep as his bed kept falling apart, several times a week.  We sent a sum of money to cover the purchase of a replacement bed and also links to help him with his job searching efforts.  He was very grateful.  So important to get a good nights sleep.

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