Daughter takes out loan to clear father's debt

A single man of two children has been struggling to manage since his wife left them.  When she left the rent was in arrears and this became higher than he could manage.  His daughter took out a loan to cover this, but of course this now needs paying back.  One of his children works part-time and his wages go to cover some of the bills, but his daughter is at University and is unable to contribute financially.  The man has issues with his temper which means he then is unable to communicate well with others regarding his concerns, or asking for help.  Our agents are hoping to apply on his behalf for a debt relief order to bring things under control financially.  We agreed to cover the cost of this and send over an extra £30 to use to buy some food with.

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Homeless man has his belongings taken

This case was spotted in a social media group by one of her contacts, who asked us to offer a small boost to help the person out.  They are living street homeless, in a tent, but at the same time trying to put themselves through University.  A rucksack was taken from their tent which contained their laptop, lecture notes, university books and a memory stick.  We made contact with the person and sent over £50 to help them out a little.

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