Man due Universal Credit payment of 81p

A man who was previously on Universal Credit found himself a job which was okay for two months, but sadly that job ended.  He was paid his last wage and it seems that Universal Credit think he was paid more than he actually was, so by the time they'd deducted what they believed to be his wages, it left him with a UC payment of 81p for the month.  He is unable to apply for an advanced payment as he had already claimed that when he first went on to UC, and he is in fact making the repayments for the advance payment at the moment.  He currently has no job, no money and is only due to receive 81p from UC, so he is really in a predicament.  He won't be due another UC payment until the 3rd of August, so is unable to manage until then.  We agreed to send him £100.  Our agents are trying to get his UC payment corrected, and have sent copies of his pay slips so that they can see how much he was actually paid, compared to what was reported to have been paid.

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Man wins job but risks losing his home

A man, originally from Zimbabwe, has been living and working here in the UK for the past 5 years.  His last contract ended and this has left him unemployed.  Unfortunately he needs to apply for settled status to be able to claim any benefits at all, and the cost of applying for  this status is almost £2,500.  His rent has fallen desperately into arrears as he has been unable to pay this, not being able to access any housing benefit payments.  His landlord has applied for an eviction order, which will likely be granted, plus he has some of his possessions in storage, but that too is in arrears and he is unlikely to have these items returned to him.  He has found employment which commences in 2 weeks time, however once he starts work, he is unlikely to be paid for another month.  We sent him £120 so he could buy food over the next few weeks.

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Young man with cancer loses his job

We were asked to help a young man in his early twenties who is currently in hospital receiving treatment for cancer.  When he asked his employer for time off for treatment they removed him from his job which our agents are intending to challenge with his former employer.  He is without money and will have to claim benefits on his release from hospital but he is currently without any money so we agreed to send him £50 so he could get some groceries on his way home.

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Single Father with cancer

A single father of a 15 year old daughter has been through surgery and treatment for a brain tumour.  Before his diagnosis he was working full-time and was of the belief his job was safe.  When he was discharged from hospital he came home to find he'd lost his job.  His health has improved now and he has been looking for employment but struggling to find someone that will take him on because of his previous cancer diagnosis.  He was in receipt of Employment Support Allowance, but was taken off that because he was job searching, and he was refused Personal Independence Payments.  Our agents have been helping him to apply for housing benefit, council tax benefit and to apply for ESA again, as it is clear he needs to take more time to heal properly before he goes back to work.  He has no money coming in at all at the moment and is being supported by family and friends, as well as his daughter accessing her savings.  He is often going without food as he has no money to buy any.  We agreed to send them £120 so they can buy some food and be able to top up his energy meters.

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Woman unable to manage

We were approached about a family, a mother and father and their young son.  The mother has been receiving treatment for cancer, and the impact of this is that she is now struggling with extreme fatigue, mobility and coordination issues.  Her husband has recently lost his job, so they are really struggling to cope financially, with her claiming Employment Support Allowance as she is unable to work.  The impact of the cancer on the mother has meant she has to rest a lot, and they are unable to put the heating on if she needs it because they can not afford it.  We agreed to send them £100 to help them out.

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Man unable to read or write

We were asked to help a man who left his job in January and has been without income since then.  He sought help today from our agents who assisted him in applying for Universal Credit.  His appointment to get this arranged is not until April, and then he will need to wait for it to be approved before he can possibly apply for an advance on his benefits (although he will be forced to repay this from future benefits payments.)  The man lives with his mother, who has threatened to kick him out on to the streets unless he contributes something to the household.  He is struggling and is unable to read or write, so dealing with the DWP is not easy for him.  We agreed to send him £75 which will hopefully help him out.

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Freezing cold and no money for heating

We were asked to help a young woman who up until the 21st December last year was working.  She has attended a couple of job interviews but so far has not had any success in securing employment.  She is in the process of applying for benefits but has failed to get the application completed as she does not yet have a bank account.  To apply for an advance on her Universal Credit payment, she'd need a bank account.  Her friend will accept the first payment for her but is away until after the weekend.  In the meantime where she is staying is freezing cold and she has absolutely no money for food or heating.  We agreed to send her £70 to tide her over until her friend returns home.

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