Student unable to access benefits

A student waiting on going into her second year at university has discovered that although she is here on refugee status she is unable to claim any benefits during the summer holidays, which has left her with rent arrears and being unable to purchase any food.  She doesn't have access to any money, nor any family here that can help her.  She has managed to secure some employment on a zero hours contract so will be able to bring in some income to help herself but is obviously unable to plan ahead due to the nature of her contract.  We agreed to send her £80 to allow her to buy some food.  Our agents are going to look into securing a Discretionary Housing Payment to help with the rent arrears and also to see if there is any assistance for students.

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Full time student and lone parent needs help

We were approached about a young woman, who is a full time Masters Student,studying social work.  She is also a lone parent, who has chosen to become further qualified in order to improve the long term situation for both herself and her daughter.  Her hope is that they then don't have to rely on benefits to survive.  She has been struggling financially and as a result got into a fair amount of debt, due to being employed in low income jobs and finding it difficult to live on that.  She has with the help of the agents applied for a debt relief order which will relieve her of the debt, but does not have the £90 fee to be able to apply for this to be processed.  This is where we come in, we agreed to pay this amount for her, so now hopefully she won't be living constantly in fear of bailiffs calling.

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