Cancer patient struggling to pay energy costs

A man who was previously working full-time has had to give up work following a diagnosis of cancer.  He has had to give up working as following surgery and complications he is no longer able to work.  His wife has also had to give up her full-time job to care for her husband.  They moved for a while to live with their daughter and her 4 children, but his surgery and overcrowding meant they had to move to alternative accommodation.  They are currently existing on statutory sick pay alone, and having to pay from that their rent and council tax, leaving them with very little a month for food and bills.  We offered to send them £75 go towards topping up their energy meters and getting some food in.

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Eviction successfully halted

We were made aware of a family, Mum, Dad, and four of their children, struggling to keep their heads above water and not lose their home.  They'd been given two weeks notice of eviction, and had to raise £650, which were the arrears on the rent, in order to prevent this from happening.  The mother is disabled and has been unable to claim employment support allowance previously as the husband has been working which wouldn't allow this.  Earlier last year the husband had surgery he had been waiting some time for on his back and was forced to go on to sickness benefits.  He retrained afterwards as a lorry driver and was all set to go back to work, but was thwarted in his attempts when he was knocked off his motorbike.  This meant he was back on sickness benefits again.  With the introduction of Universal Credit, it means that many people go weeks before any money actually arrives in their bank accounts, from which they need to pay their rent, so this only served to mean there were huge gaps in their payments.  Their attempts to claim for any financial help are made worse by the fact that their older sons are working jobs on minimum wage, so as non dependant adults, any housing benefit is seriously reduced.  This meant that the boys money was literally keeping the family afloat, paying for the rent, council tax, bills and food.  A fundraiser was put together to help the family, and £450 of the amount needed was raised that way, by donations offered by friends, family and complete strangers, that simply wanted to help.  The Biscuit Fund stepped in and offered £200 towards the final sum, as there is a 15 year old girl in the household currently studying for her GCSEs.  This literally saved the whole family being made homeless as well as their two elderly dogs and their cats.

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