Woman facing short-term financial difficulties

A single mum of a 14 year old, who was previously in full-time employment, has been unable to work for the past six weeks due to sickness.  She is waiting on further investigations and is unsure about when she will be able to return.  She is in receipt of working and child tax credits, as well as statutory sickness payments, but is facing the fact that she will struggle to meet her rent and council tax obligations.  We agreed to send her £50 to help her out.

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Woman on apprenticeship unable to manage financially

Our agents asked us if we could help a young woman who is currently employed via an apprenticeship scheme which means she is on a very low income.  She has a number of debts which she is repaying, but she is being referred to talking money to help her get the repayments organised.  The debt is causing her anxiety, and recently she has been off work due to catching a virus.  The knock on of this has meant her income has fallen even lower, leaving her without food or heating/electric.  Our agents have taken her to a foodbank to make sure she at least has some food but asked if we could help with the energy costs.  We agreed to send her £80.

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