Expectant mother without any provision for the baby

A young mum to be, 35 weeks pregnant has been in contact with our agents who have discovered that she doesn't have anything ready for when the baby arrives.  Our agents have been helping her to obtain some items she needs, but still have a few things to get and asked if we could help out.  She is in receipt of Universal Credit, and has applied for the maternity grant, but is still waiting for the outcome of that.  We sent her £70 so she can pick out some items herself.

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Expectant Mother in need of items for impending birth

We were approached about a single young woman who was expecting to deliver her baby daughter in the next couple of weeks.  She is on contributions based Employment Support Allowance which means she is unable to access the maternity grant at the moment to enable her to buy some much needed things for her baby girl.  Initially she was without a pram and a car travel seat, which she has to have to take the baby home from hospital and we were looking at contributing towards those items.  However we were then updated to say that she'd been offered a pram and the loan of a car seat.  She still needed a cot, some bedding and also clothing etc for the baby when she is born, so we agreed between us that we would make an offer of £100 to allow her to purchase those items herself, hopefully a pre-loved cot or Moses basket and the other items.  Once her baby is born then she will be able, once the child is registered, to apply for child benefit and child tax credits, so hopefully her financial circumstances will then begin to improve.

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