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We recently received a communication from a group of individuals, letting us know they had included some information about The Biscuit Fund in their monthly magazine.  The following is what was said about us.

"One of our London supporters sent this about us for inclusion in his Synagogue monthly magazine:

Maimonedes and Charity

Many of you will be familiar with Maimonedes eight degrees of charity – if only because we use the phrase at subscription time to encourage those of you who can pay a little more to do so and help those who can afford a little less. But I came across a tiny charity the other day which, despite being non Jewish, is nearly at the top of the Maimonedeic scale – where neither the giver nor the recipient knows the identity of the other. The Biscuit Fund (tag line : “offering a crumb of hope” ) gives small amounts of cash anonymously to people who are really down on their luck; who for whatever reason cannot reach the safety net of our sometimes wrongly maligned welfare system. Please do look at their website and read some of the heart rending stories which their 50 anonymous helping hands find throughout our relatively prosperous country. If you can spare just a fiver, or more, please consider them and count our blessings. "

Information about the Maimonedes Eight Degrees of Charity can be found here

We have already received a very welcome donation which we are grateful for and will be able to put to good use.



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