Man finally gets his own accommodation

A man who arrived in the UK as a refugee with leave to remain.  He has been in temporary accommodation for quite some time, and has now finally been offered his own accommodation.  Unfortunately though all he has is a bed and a fridge, nothing else.  His mental health is not good, and he's recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has no family around him.  We agreed to send him a small amount to allow him to purchase some small items for his flat from his local charity shops to help to make the place a bit more homely.

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Lady in hostel due to domestic violence

Our help was needed for a lady who has fled a domestic violence situation and is currently residing in a hostel until she can secure alternative accommodation.  Unfortunately she cannot be permitted to go into social housing as she has rent arrears so she can only consider private renting.  She has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and her life expectancy is not good.  Another grant was sought from elsewhere by our agents which was successful, plus she had a tiny amount of money saved, but just needed a bit extra to allow her to put down a deposit and pay a months rent ahead, so we agreed to send her £100 to help.

Tags : Homelessness domesticviolence cancer terminaldiagnosis

Lady offered accommodation

A lady who has completed her recovery in the supported temporary accommodation has now secured her own tenancy on her own place to live.  She is struggling though to equip the place with what she needs, the most urgent being a fridge.  We sent her £80 to be used towards purchasing a second-hand or reconditioned one.

Tags : Recovery SupportedAccommodation Homelessness

Single dad of three struggling

A father who is currently in temporary homeless accommodation has taken on the care of his three children, one of whom is disabled.  The father is currently obstructing the exit out of the accommodation with boxes to prevent his four year old disabled daughter gettting out.  They have been told the boxes must be removed as they pose a safety risk.  The father doesn't have any benefits in place yet and have received help from other places which cannot help him a second time.  He urgently needed to purchase an extra wide adjustable stair gate to ensure the safety of his daughter who has already tried to exit the property via this doorway on a number of occasions.  We agreed to send over £30 to cover the cost of a suitable stair gate.

Tags : Homelessness singleparent benefits safety

Formerly homeless man finds suitable accommodation

Our agents approached us about a man who had come into their care who was formerly street homeless.  He has since found suitable accommodation, but of course having been homeless he has to literally find everything as he had nothing other than what he stood up in.  They asked if we could help him with a grant to allow him to purchase some second-hand but essential items to allow him to set up home, even if in a very basic way.  We agreed to send him £100 to help him out.

Tags : Homelessness Offthestreets Settinguphome

Man looks to move out after 3 years in a homeless hostel

A man with mental health needs has been living in a homeless hostel for three years.  He was only supposed to have been there a maximum of six months, but it has taken until now for him to able to move into suitable accommodation of his own.  He has been saving up for months and with some help from an emergency fund from the council has put together enough money to pay his rent in advance.  He has exhausted his own funds now and has no further recourse to funds from his council and needed some money to help facilitate his move towards independent living.  We sent him some money to help with this.

Tags : Homelessness hostelliving benefits movingout mentalhealth

Sofa surfing mother finally has home

A mother of two children, ages 2 years and 6 months, has been sofa surfing with the children, waiting on finding a home.  She has finally been offered a place to stay and is currently in receipt of Universal Credit, but won't receive any more money until the 18th July.  She scraped together everything she had to find enough to cover the first weeks rent as this was the only way she could sign up for the property.  Having been sofa surfing she has no white goods at all, and no money to purchase anything.  We agreed to send her £80 to go towards a reconditioned washing machine, which was the one thing she desperately needed.

Tags : Sofasurfing UniversalCredit Homelessness homelessparentsandchildren

Man completes rehab and is finally off the streets

We were approached about help for a young man, fomerly a qualified HGV mechanic who has been living on the streets and dealing with a drug addiction.  He has completed rehab, is living in a homeless hostel and is now clean of drugs.  He was in receipt of Universal Credit, but has been sanctioned because he lost his phone and missed an appointment.  It is essential he has access to a phone to stay connected to the DWP and know when his appointments are due to take place at the job centre, because if he fails to attend his benefits are automatically stopped as has happened on this occasion.  We were asked if we could cover the cost of a replacement phone and some credit to be applied to the device.  We agreed to send him £60 so he could do this and have some money left over to buy some food.

Tags : Benefits UniversalCredit Sanctions MissedAppointments Poverty Homelessness Drugs Rehab

Homeless lady offered accommodation

A key worker from a homeless shelter got in touch to ask if we could help a young woman she was working with.  She has been street homeless for sometime but has now been offered accommodation with a housing trust.  In order to accept it she needs to pay the first weeks rent in advance, which is £80 she doesn't have.  We were asked if we could cover this for her which we agreed to do, sending the money direct to them to pay it on her behalf.

Tags : Homelessness accommodation rent deposit benefits

Man troubled by neighbours due to his beliefs

A man in his late 50s is currently living in private rented accommodation where he is surrounded by people much younger than him that are very loud and play music constantly which disturbs him.  He has complained to his landlord about this, and because the landlord feels he is being unreasonable with his request has given him notice to quit.  Finding himself at risk of homelessness he approached his local authority for help and sheltered accommodation has been found for him in a more appropriate area where he would be living in an area with people his own age.  He suffers with an underlying mental health condition and high anxiety, and has been subjected to anti-semetic abuse, which has now meant he feels unable to leave his home safely.  Due to the quickness of accommodation being found he has to accept it immediately or this accommodation will be lost.  Being only in receipt of job seekers allowance though, he does no savings to afford a man with a van for a couple of hours to move his belongings and furniture.  Our agents are very concerned that he does not miss this vital opportunity or he could end up in temporary accommodation which would only be worse for his mental health.  We agreed to send him £150.

Tags : Benefits JSA Homelessness MentalHealth Abuse threatsbyneighbours

Single mum of 1 unaware of help available

A single mother of an 11 year old has got herself into debt because her Universal Credit payment does not cover the full amount of her monthly rent, so she has to make up the shortfall herself, which leaves her with not enough money for food.  She was unaware she could apply for help from her council via a Discretionary Housing Payment for the shortfall, our agents are assisting her with this now.  She is already under threat of eviction, and is scared for the future.  We agreed to send £150 to help them with food, etc.

Tags : Rent Benefits UniversalCredit Poverty RentArrears Homelessness

Man being made homeless after 20 years in the same property

A man who has lived at the same address for over 20 years is being made homeless by his landlord.  He struggles with his mental health which he has been unable to receive treatment for, this means he cannot cope with taking good care of himself, such as washing or personal care.  He is in receipt of Universal Credit, but after loans he repays to the DWP he is left with £50 per week.  He is not due another benefit payment until the 16th of May and is currently completely out of money.  In fact when we were told about him he hadn't eaten anything in 4 days.  We immediately sent him £20 to get some food.  He has no money for gas or electric which means he is unable to have any lighting on or cook any food, nor does he have any food either.  We agreed to send him a further £80 to help him with this. 

Tags : UniversalCredit Benefits Poverty ExtremePoverty Homelessness

Man living in a tent in the woods needs help

We became aware of a young man who is currently living in a tent in the woods, he suffers with mental health issues and is at present unable to access any services as everything tends to be online now.  Our agent asked if we could help him.  It seems members of the local community are looking out for him and taking him things now and again but he is really stuck without a phone.  We agreed to purchase a small inexpensive phone that would allow him to use WIFI to access the internet free of charge at local hotspots.  We also arranged to send over £80, which was spent on the phone,  £20 in credit for the phone and the remaining £35 in cash, which was delivered to him, along with a personal gift from our agent of some new socks, a can of deodorant and some wet wipes.  He was really thrilled and quite shocked at the gift.

Tags : Homelessness livinginthewoods wifi phone

Homeless man offered the chance of work

A man who is currently living rough has been offered the opportunity of employment provided he completes a CSCS Construction Course which he is due to start next Monday.  Getting this job is so important to him and it will mean he can then get a place to live.  He is in desperate need of some suitable safety boots which he currently cannot afford to buy as his Universal Credit won't stretch that far.  We found out the cost of the boots and sent over £50, enough to buy the boots and a little extra.

Tags : Homelessness SafetyBoots Employment

Family in dire straits

Help was needed for a family that arrived here in the UK back in 2011.  The parents separated for a while and lived their lives, however the father became dependant on alcohol in 2017 and was unable to work as a result.  He claimed for Employment Support Allowance and joined a detox programme which has resulted in him giving up alcohol completely.  Shortly after the couple moved back in together but have now realised that this was a mistake and they should have stayed apart.  The wife is now considered homeless and is waiting to secure accommodation for her and their teenaged children.  Both parents have submitted separate claims for Universal Credit, and despite them having worked almost continuously since they arrived in the UK in 2011 they are both having to fulfill a habitual residency test.  The initial test they failed and the first claim was cancelled.  They are now claiming again, and need to wait for the result of the habitual residency test before they can make an advanced claim on the Universal Credit.  The Mother now works part-time, 16 hours per week but it is not enought money to keep a household of four going.  We agreed to send over £150 to allow them to purchase energy and fuel.

Tags : Benefits DWP UniversalCredit AlcoholDependency EUNationals Homelessness FoodPoverty

Footcare for the homeless

There is a UK based charity called Forgotten Feet, where volunteer podiatrists offer free footcare to the homeless.  They have meet ups t homeless centres where the homeless and socially deprived are able to attend. They are appealing for donations to be able to buy equipment and socks.   We were made aware of this charity today so sent them £50 to use to buy socks with.  If you are interested in finding out more about them, their website is here.

Tags : Footcare Homelessness socks

Man needs to pay admin fee to accept his new flat

We were approached to help a man who found himself homeless after a relationship breakdown.  He is currently in receipt of £160 per month in benefits which he has to stretch to live on.  He has been living in shared accommodation, however his depression and anxiety is making this impossible for him to endure.  He has been offered a small one bedroomed flat, however the agent is legally bound to do background checks regarding the immigration status of each new tenant.  This costs £40, which the man cannot afford to pay.  It was this fee that we were asked to help with, which we were happy to do.

Tags : Homelessness relationshipbreakdowns anxiety depression benefits

Staying connected

Our case was a request to help a man who has formerly been street homeless.  He is housed now, and his rent is paid directly to his landlord via housing benefit, but he is struggling to survive on £190 a month benefits, which has to cover the shortfall in his council tax payments, his bills, energy costs and food.  His phone contract is in arrears and he is becoming increasingly anxious about losing the ability to use his phone, which could have serious implications for his Universal Credit claim.  We agreed to help him out by sending him £50 to use towards his phone and bills.

Tags : UniversalCredit MobilePhones Bills Homelessness

Coats for the homeless

One of our members was contacted about the Warm Coat Rail in their area, where winter coats are donated and left at the warm coat rail for the homeless to wear now that the days and nights are much colder.  We agreed to donate £40 to be used to purchase some coats via the local charity shops.  Several coats were donated for the grand sum of £38.99.  If you have a warm coat rail in the area you live, please consider donating any winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves you might have and help someone that is homeless this winter to stay that bit warmer.  Thank you.

Tags : Homelessness WarmCoatRails Winter StayingWarm

Homeless man offered accommodation

A housing support officer contacted us about a man she'd been helping off the streets and into accommodation of his own.  She'd successfully applied for a grant for some furniture and white goods, such as an oven and fridge, however he is without a washing machine.  She asked if we could offer a sum of money so that he could put that towards the cost of a second hand machine.  We agreed to send him £80.

Tags : Homelessness permanenthome offthestreets DWP Benefits washingmachine second-hand

Man needs help to have his own place to live

We were approached by our agents who have recently begun supporting a single man who has been sofa surfing for the past six years, staying with friends and family.  He has most recently been staying with a friend in a one bedroomed flat, but the friend has now expressed his need for our client to leave.  Our agents have managed to find him suitable accommodation, but in order to be able to move in he needs some help with the deposit and the admin fee.  He does not have any savings and the only possessions he owns are his clothes.

He needed £50 to cover the admin fee and the deposit is £400.  We agreed we would send across £200 to help him, £50 for the admin fee and £150 towards the deposit.  The landlorad has said that he can pay the remainder of the deposit over the next six months.


Tags : Homelessness homelessmale housing deposit rentandadminfees housingbenefit

Single mother to be, homeless and on the streets

One of our biscuits yesterday came across a young pregnant woman, homeless and living on the streets.  She literally had nothing.  We took her along to a homeless shelter in the town where she was, and requested she be given a bed for the next five weeks, and that the Biscuit Fund would meet the costs of that.  It would have been £275, but they reduced the cost to £225, and agreed to help the young woman access benefits and be put forward and supported towards becoming housed.

Tags : Homelessness homelessfemale pregnantandhomeless nobenefits nomoney outonthestreets

Homeless charity buys tents to help the homeless

It was suggested to us by one of our agents that we might consider donating a sum of money to one of the homeless charities, that are looking at purchasing some end of season tents from a high street store.  We offered them £150 as the tents they were looking at were £5 each, this will allow them to help a lot of people to stay dry and hopefully a bit warmer over the coming autumn and winter seasons.

Tags : Homelessness nomoney noroofovertheirhead tents stayingdry stayingwarm homelesscharities

Homeless man finally gets a place to live

We were contacted about a man who had been street homeless, he'd not long since been released from hospital and then had no clothes at all to wear on his discharge from hospital.  He has been offered a caravan to live in, which will get him off the streets, which is wonderful.  However, he does not have enough money to get a gas cannister to provide heat and energy to the van, so that he can cook.  We agreed to send across £36 which would be enough to provide a filled container of gas, the deposit being overlooked by the company supplying it as they know our contact well.

Tags : Homelessness homelessmale nohousing nomoney benefits caravan gascannisters

Homeless man who was sofa surfing now back onto the streets

We were approached by our agent asking for help for a man she has been assisting.  He had been sofa surfing with his two friends, a husband and wife.  Sadly the husband has now died and the fact that they were all sofa surfing with friends has now been detected and this is not allowed to continue as it goes against the rules of their friend's tenancy..  Her client has been forced to leave and back on to the streets, but as he has nowhere to go she asked for enough money to be able to buy him tent.  We sent across £50 to cover the cost of a tent she'd seen on offer at a local store.  Hopefully this will provide him with some shelter at least.

Tags : Homelessness homelessmale nohousing nomoney tents

Homeless man, finally has a home after 13 years!

Our client is a man who has been living on the streets for the past 13 years.  He has finally been given a place of his own but was short of some things.  There is a place locally that they can use to purchase refurbished items, and he needed a bed, a fridge and curtains for his new home.  We agreed to send £200 so he could be provided with the items that he needs.  Our agent was actually meeting him in person to make sure that all the items were got for him and then arranged collection and delivery.  Hopefully he will now be settled in.

Tags : Benefits ESA Homelessness 13yearsStreetHomeless

Man refused ESA needs help

A man in his 50's who has been living in a hostel was finally offered his own accommodation.  He has been refused Employment Support Allowance, despite ongoing psychiatric interventions.  He is appealing this decision with support from our agents and only receives £73.10 per week, the pre-assessment rate of ESA.  His local council have been very supportive towards him and have provided a fridge freezer, bed and seating, but he did not have access to a washing machine.  Service washes at laundrettes are very expensive, and were not accessible to him, nor was ready access to his family where he might have been able to get some washing done.  We agreed that we would grant the money to provide a basic one for him.

Tags : ESA Benefits Homelessness Housednowformerlyhomeless washingmachines psychiatrichelp

Homeless girl has job interview

One of our agents contacted us urgently to say she was with a homeless girl who had been able to secure a job interview.  She'd managed to put together suitable clothing, but had absolutely no money at all.  We sent £50 to our agent so that she had some money to cover food and travel costs.

Tags : Homelessness homelessfemale jobinterview nomoney

Homeless MS sufferer had his motorised wheelchair stolen

Our client is a homeless man who is currently staying in very temporary accommodation, and is without his motorised wheelchair that was stolen from him two months ago.  He has been using a borrowed manual chair, but is unable to propell himself around in this and relies heavily on other homeless people to push him around.  Most are okay, but some are not and take advantage of him, by pushing him in his chair to say the cashpoint, but then demanding he gives them a loan from his disability benefit payment, which he feels obliged to give them.  He is also pushed to places, then abandoned when the person pushing him becomes drunk and this is where our agent found him, stranded in his manual chair, baking in this heat.  She got him to safety and approached us for a contribution towards a replacement for him, a motorised scooter with a tracking and security device on it to prevent it being stolen again.  The impact of him losing his chair has been enormous and he has detoriated so much.  We agreed to send across £200 towards this.  Our agent secured a grant from a local organisation, and a new motorised scooter will be purchased for him to give him his independence back.  A secure place has been found for it to be stored when it is not in use or is being charged.

Tags : Benefits ESA MS Homelessness StolenMotorisedWheelchair

Homeless man at risk of eviction!

Our agent contacted us with an urgent case of a man currently in a homeless shelter.  He has an injury which makes walking difficult, but even so was at risk of being evicted as he had a debt owing for rent from last May.  He'd already had three warnings over this, and 28 days notice to quit.  We agreed to cover the cost of this to prevent him being evicted out into the cold again, especially with an infected foot.  The money was paid directly to our agent for safeguarding until the debt could be cleared early next week.  The shelter were so impressed that we were able to step in and resolve this problem so quickly.

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