Help with energy costs

Our help was needed for a man who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer in his head and neck.  He lives alone, and his current housing situation is not ideal for him.  Our agents have assisted him in applying for more suitable accommodation, as well as applying for housing benefit and putting in an application for Personal Independence Payment.  Currently his outgoings are in excess of the money he has coming in and it is friends and family that are stepping up to help him where they can.  As his treatment is quite challenging one of the crucial things is for him to avoid infection of any kind and this increases his energy costs.  We agreed to send him £100 to hep him out with this. 

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Gentleman being advised to be considered for Best Supportive Care

A man, previously employed in a factory, has been advised that the progression of his cancer now means that he needs to be cosnidered for best supportive care for his last months or weeks even.  He is not in receipt of any benefits, which our contact is going to investigate on his behalf.  He is currently living with his son and his family, and is struggling with trying to keep warm.  He wants to be able to contribute to some of the extra costs of keeping the house warm.  We agreed to send across £200 to pay for the extra energy costs.

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