Sanctioned from ESA for 4 Weeks!

Our agent told us of a man with physical disabilities as well as mental health issues.  He had been sent a letter requesting he attend a meeting at his local job centre, however the letter was sent to the local contact point but he never received it as he is living homeless and it went to the local night shelter.  The result of the missed appointment was that the DWP sanctioned his money for 4 weeks, which means for the next four weeks he receives nothing at all.  Our agent said she would help him appeal the sanction and get his money reinstated.  We agreed a sum of money be sent over to him to enable him to purchase some food and last him until his benefits can be reinstated.

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ESA Sanctions

Our agent whilst at her local authority housing office, assisting another client, came across a lady she knew of, very distressed.  She discovered that she was under threat of eviction, as she had been sanctioned three times from her ESA payments.  This had resulted in her housing benefit not being paid, leading to her being in arrears on her rent.  Our agent has confirmed that if it becomes necessary that this lady needs to go to court to fight an eviction order, she will be with her every step of the way to make certain it is not enforced.  She was also going to speak to the DWP, as this is a very vulnerable woman, that has issues which has led to the sanctions, but the DWP are not taking these into consideration.  Our agent will also be attending the council offices with this lady to help to get her rent issues resolved.  Even sanctioned, this lady should have been made aware that she had the right to apply for housing benefit on a nil income basis, not left unsupported and without financial aid.  Our agent advised us that she was making a formal complaint as she was unhappy about the lack of advice they were offering.  We agreed to send across £200 to help. 

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