Mother and daughter need help to move

A mother and her young daughter have found themselves having to move from their current home as they are suffering domestic and financial abuse.  Our agents are getting ready to move her out of where she is currently living and into somewhere safe for them both.  She does have a part-time job, but will be moving some distance away and does not have contingency funds for this or access to anyone she can trust to help her move.  She and her daughter need money for food for the next few days as well has some financial help to move their belongings.  We sent over £150.

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Mother flees home to the UK with her children

We were asked to help a mother and her three children.  They were all living outside of the UK and were the victims of domestic abuse.  The family fled that country and returned to the UK where they are being assisted by a women's refuge.  The mother is British and is currently in the process of applying for benefits with the assistance of our agents.  It will take several weeks for them to receive anything, so we agreed to send the family £200 to allow them to buy food as currently they have nothing at all.

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Mother and child escape domestic violence situation

We were asked to help a single mum who was forced to move into a refuge with her child, when he husband becamse emotionally and physically abusive to her.  He ended up going to prison for another even more serious offence.  She struggled in the refuge, blaming herself for everything that went wrong, an impact of her earlier emotional abuse.  Her and her son moved out of the refuge and is now finally living somewhere where she feels able to start over again.  Unfortunately though, as a result of her marriage failing and previous debts she finds herself struggling to cope financially.  Our agents asked if we could assist by covering the £90 application fee for a debt relief order, which we agreed to do.

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Payday loans causing havoc

A young mum, separated from the child's father, due to domestic abuse issues, received £60 last week in benefits only to have a Payday loan immediately collect £52 from her bank account leaving her without any money for food.  She has moved from pillar to post, to avoid having to live at home, and this has meant she has really struggled financially.  The child's father was assisting with daycare for the child while she worked, but this has now fallen apart.  She has no gas or electricity, and on the day we were contacted had just prepared the last pasta she had in the house for her son's lunch.  Our agents have issued her with a food voucher, but she will have to wait until the food bank is open for her to redeem that.  We agreed between us to send her £150 so she can stock up her cupboards and freezer and put some money on to her energy meters.  

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Domestic abuse leaves wife homeless

Help was needed for a woman who is here in the UK on a spousal visa.  She has been the victim of domestic abuse and is currently going through the immigration process so is unable to claim any benefits, nor is she permitted to work.  Her husband has bail conditions at the moment and because he is unable to live in the home he has stopped any payments he was making to her, that she was using to pay for the gas and electric, etc.  She is in desperate need of some money for energy costs.  We agreed to send her £100 to help her out with this.


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Single mum of three in a fix

A single mum of three children, a young teenager and 11 year old twins has recenlty had to submit a claim for Universal Credit when she was told she had to switch over.  She was a victim of domestic abuse for a number of years and relocated to a new area with the support of the Police.  Shortly after she moved she was involved in a car accident which left her with a brain injury and she lost her job.  Following being off work for twelve months, she has now found a job but doesn't start work until later this month and will have to wait for her wages to be paid  In the meantime she is without any money to pay for food or cover her bills.  We agreed to send her £150 to help her with this.

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Single mum needs DRO fee

A young mum of twin girls has had to move several times as she fled each time from domestic abuse.  The twins father has physically beaten her, leaving her with a broken neck on one occasion.  The father has since died and the shock of this and dealing with constant depression, suicidal thoughts and being unable to work since has meant she has not stayed on top of her debts and now has bailiffs chasing her.  Our agents have advised her to apply for a debt relief order and have in the meantime got her listed under the welfare category with the bailiffs so she has a bit of protection.  In the meantime though she does not have the money to be able to apply for the debt relief order, so we agreed to pay the £90 on her behalf.

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Victim of domestic abuse forced to relocate

A young mum of three children, a 10 and 11 year old, as well as a 7 month old baby.  She has been forced to relocate with the three children because her ex attacked her in front of the children, and damaged her belongings.  The relocation has been very quick and traumatic for the family, especially as they are now living in a different part of the country.  She is in receipt of Universal Credit, Child Benefit, and Carers Allowance as her son is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance.  Since the move she has had to cover a lot of expenditure she was unprepared for, such as replacing their cooker as her ex damaged it beyond use, new school uniforms, replacing the stair carpets as the existing ones where she moved to were unsafe, and blinds for the windows so they could have some privacy.  She has had a washing machine which she bought through a highstreet company that allows you to pay weekly for it, but a £300 washing machine was going to end up costing her £950 once all the interest had been factored in.  She has missed some payments due to all her extra expense and now the company are banging on her door trying to get her to pay even more each week to catch up.  She has ended up instructing them to take the machine back as she could no longer afford the weekly repayments. We sent her £80 to put towards a reconditioned washing machine.

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Young mum in refuge without money

We were asked to help a young single mum of a four year old girl, they'd arrived that day into a refuge.  She has no money to purchase food or everyday essentials, and is awaiting news of her biometric test to see if she is entitled to claim any benefits.  While she waits for this information we sent her £120 to help her out with what she needs.

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Lady in refuge needs help

This case was a lady who had fled a domestic abuse situation where all her money was being taken off her by her partner.  She was housed initially by the local authority before she arrived at the refuge accommodation. On her arrival they discovered she had nothing, no spare clothes even.  We sent across to her £100 to help her out.

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Mum flees domestic abuse

Our help was needed for a young mum, here in the UK on a dependent visa.  She has had to leave the family home and her and her child are now in a refuge.  They arrived with nothing, no clothes, no money and no idea of whether she might be entitled to any help at all.  Our agents are looking into her situation with her and will in the meantime support her in the refuge.  They needed our help to get some clothes for her and her child.  We agreed to send £100 to help her out. 

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Man flees domestic abuse

The man in question has recently moved from a small one bedroomed flat to a larger property.  He has fled a domestic abuse situation and needs a larger property as one of his children has moved in to live with him.  He was in receipt of Employment Support Allowance, however the date for his assessment clashed with a court date regarding the custody of his child.  He did inform DWP, but they cancelled his claim anyhow, so he is currently in the process of appealing that decision.  His second child could soon be moving in to live with him as well.  His landlord contacted our agents as this man was struggling for items for his home, and was also without money.  We agreed to send him £150 to help him out.

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Mum fleeing domestic abuse needs help

We were contacted this morning about a single mum who fled a domestic abuse situation.  She and her son have been living in a refuge while they waited to be housed.  When they finally were housed, her home needed some work doing on it, which has taken up almost all of her money and left her without any funds to pay for gas and electricity.  We agreed we would send across £50 to keep her utilities topped up and to buy some food until she received her usual payment next week.  Going forward our agents have offered to help her sort out the best energy option and how to improve the energy efficiency of her home.

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