Parents on hospital bedside vigil

A young couple, the father previously self-employed has had to give up work as their young son has been diagnosed with cancer.  He is currently in hospital receiving treatment following a serious infection following his chemotherapy and could be there for some time.  Previously the parents were in receipt of DLA for the child, however whenever anyone is in hospital on an extended stay, that payment ceases to be paid until they are discharged.  Their son is receiving meals while he is in hospital, however they have travelling costs and meals for themselves.  They often go without anything as they cannot afford to pay the high prices at the hospital cafe.  They are in the process of applying for benefits, but in the meantime are in need of some financial assistance.  We agreed to send them £100 to help them out.

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Victim of domestic abuse forced to relocate

A young mum of three children, a 10 and 11 year old, as well as a 7 month old baby.  She has been forced to relocate with the three children because her ex attacked her in front of the children, and damaged her belongings.  The relocation has been very quick and traumatic for the family, especially as they are now living in a different part of the country.  She is in receipt of Universal Credit, Child Benefit, and Carers Allowance as her son is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance.  Since the move she has had to cover a lot of expenditure she was unprepared for, such as replacing their cooker as her ex damaged it beyond use, new school uniforms, replacing the stair carpets as the existing ones where she moved to were unsafe, and blinds for the windows so they could have some privacy.  She has had a washing machine which she bought through a highstreet company that allows you to pay weekly for it, but a £300 washing machine was going to end up costing her £950 once all the interest had been factored in.  She has missed some payments due to all her extra expense and now the company are banging on her door trying to get her to pay even more each week to catch up.  She has ended up instructing them to take the machine back as she could no longer afford the weekly repayments. We sent her £80 to put towards a reconditioned washing machine.

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