Lady from Europe with language difficulties

A single mum with two children has managed to leave a terrible domestic abuse situation.  She is waiting on a PIP assessment as she is deaf, but because she needs a translator that can use sign language, this has proved difficult for the DWP who have cancelled her assessment on a number of occasions.  She is waiting to hear about Universal Credit, but in the meantime has no money at all for gas, electric or food.  We agreed to send her £80 to help her until she should receive some money in early August.

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Debt Relief Order desperately needed

We were contacted about a single mum with two young children who had unfortunately got into debt when she was switched over to being paid by Universal Credit.  This young mum is deaf and suffers with anxiety, and the constant chasing from her creditors is only compounding the situation, making things far worse.

With the help and support of the agency, she is getting on top of her day to day bills, but she needs to apply for a debt relief order to sort this out.  However raising the £90 to apply was beyond her means, so we agreed to send across a cheque for the £90 to be sent along with the application for the DRO.  Hopefully she will be able to rebuild her life once the DRO is in place.

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