From the lady who had toothache...

"Oh my god, I am so unbelievably tearful right now. All of you guys at the biscuit fund are absolute Angels. I never EVER expected this amount of money. I was going to be incredibly grateful with £20. Never did I think you could help me THIS much. Do you know how relieved I am now that I do not have to worry tomorrow when I wake up. And that now I can keep my head above water. I am so overwhelmed with emotion. I wish I could hug you all and let you know how unbelievably blown away I am with all this and how grateful I am.

I am going to treat myself first thing tomorrow to some hair dye to make me feel better about myself. And then relax.

Please thank everyone at the biscuit fund. And when I can even if it's in years to come I want to give back to you to help others. Because you have helped me so much.

I can sleep so well oh my god I can't stop typing thank you! Please know now that I can truly relax. My tight chest from all the stress is feeling more and more relaxed. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart!!!!


(Our agent who worked with this Client told her specifically to treat herself to something that would make her feel better, and hair dye was one of the suggestions.)

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