Young mum and 4 year old facing Christmas without money

A young mum who is currently living in a refuge with her 4 year old daughter is waiting to receive her first Universal Credit payment.  So far she has received two crisis loans and has been told that she cannot have anything more.  It could be several weeks before she receives her first UC payment and faces Christmas without money or food.  Our agents asked us if we could offer some help to her and her daughter.  We agreed to send her £100, plus a further £50 for them both to enjoy some Christmas cheer.

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Disabled Grandmother struggling to cope financially

We were asked to help a lady who lives alone but is struggling to manage financially.  She is in receipt of Employment Support Allowance, but has a number of deductions made from her payments because of utilities debts and repaying a social fund payment.  This has left her being unable to cope financially, and she is additionally stressed with Christmas around the corner, as the children need clothes which she can't afford to get them, or any Christmas presents.  Our agents are going to help her with the debt repayments to see if they can be reduced, but in the meantime we agreed to send £100 to the Grandmother, and an extra £50 to be used to buy presents for the three children, and maybe something for her daughter too.

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A little extra for the children

Following the article in The Guardian last week about The Biscuit Fund, we received an extra and completely unexpected donation with the express wish that it be used to make sure that families we work with had a little extra at Christmas.  For most families it is an expensive time of the year, but for some they are struggling to stay afloat financially.  They can't entertain the idea of buying any extra food or even presents for the children.  For a child used to their parents not being able to give them any presents at all, just a small gift can mean the world to them, so we were happy to help.  We scoured through our recent cases and found 14 families with children, and to each family we sent an extra £50 to use to make their Christmas Day that little bit more special.  A big thank you to our special donor for making the Christmas of these families that bit more special.

From all of us here at the Biscuit Fund we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.

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Single lady facing trouble over the Christmas period

We were approached about a lady in her forties, living alone.  She has many difficult health issues, and the constant cold is only making matters seriously worse.  She has rent arrears as well as utilities arrears which are currently being deducted at source from her benefits payments.  The DWP unexpectedly reduced her usual payment by £100, leaving her with just £10 until her next due payment in January 2019.  Our agents are helping her to get the regular deduction amounts reduced, and to assist her with budgeting going forward, and apply for Personal Independence Payments.  She has very little gas and electric left on her prepayment meters, so she will be over the holidays without gas and electric, without food, or both.  Our agents are extremely concerned about her welfare over the holiday period.  We agreed to help out by sending £150 but over three payments of £50.

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Christmas Cheer!

We found out about a group that were trying to put on a Christmas Lunch for the homeless in the Salisbury area.  They wanted to book a hall, put in place some temporary beds and offer a warm bed, some Christmas company and a decent meal.  Obviously not a permanent fix, but a gesture of kindness at a time when loneliness can really set in.

The idea was kicked into touch by someone who works extensively with the homeless in their local area and they discovered that someone they regularly helped was ill with pneumonia and out on the streets.  In the end they had a Christmas tree, a warm lunch, buffet meal, packed lunch for the next day and a small gift, as well as that all essential warm bed to sleep in.  It is the little things we often take for granted that can mean the world to someone who doesn't have a roof over their head.

We were very proud to help this group, even in the small way that we did.

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