Family in financial hardship following mother falling ill

A mother who had been working for just 8 weeks before needing chemotherapy treatment.  Her short period of working meant that she wasn't paid any sick pay, so the family's income took a hit.  The father although he works has had to reduce his hours in order to support his wife and take care of their two young children.  The family are afraid of falling into debt and are really beginning to struggle.  An application has now been sent off on behalf of the mother for Statutory Sick Pay, which will hopefully come into payment very soon.  In the meantime we sent the family £100 to tide them over.

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Lady whose son diagnosed with cancer

A mother previously working full-time has had to go onto Statutory Sick Pay as her 13 year old son has been diagnosed with cancer.  She is still in receipt of working and child tax credits, but her SSP and benefits is ued to pay her rent and bills, including council tax.  Her son is currently in hospital receiving chemotherapy treatment, and although he has meals provided, nothing is provided for the mother who stays close by her son's side.  As she doesn't have money she is unable to afford any food from the hospital and often goes without eating.  She is also struggling to afford the bus fares between the hospital and home, so our agents asked for our help.  We agreed to send her £100 to help the family out.

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