Urgent request for help

Our agents contacted us this morning to ask if we could offer some urgent assistance to one of their clients.  A lady is currently experiencing a lot of debt and is having large amounts deducted from her Universal Credit payments.  Our agents are working with the hardship team at the DWP to get these debt repayments under control and to a more manageable amount.  In the meantime the lady has no food (she is Vegan) and no credit on her gas or electricity and was likely to be without all three over the weekend.  We agreed to send her £60 as an emergency payment so she could top up her meters and buy some food.

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Couple struggling to stay afloat

One of our regular agencies contacted us today about a couple they have been trying to help.  They are in receipt of joint Employment Support Allowance, but because they have a two bedroomed property they are liable for bedroom tax.  They had previously been badly advised about their liability towards this second bedroom which has resulted in them now having to pay almost £40 a week for the bedroom tax and to cover some arrears that had amounted because of this bad advice.  They are also under threat of eviction, which is causing them a great deal of stress.  Our agents are helping them to fight this second bedroom situation, applied on their behalf for carers allowance  and assisting them regarding the eviction notice.  We were asked to help them out a bit, just to let them see that not everything is turning to something bad.  We agreed to send them £100 to help them out with bills, as they are especially worried about not being able to keep their phone connected so they can continue to receive help and support via the phone.

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