Man finally gets his own accommodation

A man who arrived in the UK as a refugee with leave to remain.  He has been in temporary accommodation for quite some time, and has now finally been offered his own accommodation.  Unfortunately though all he has is a bed and a fridge, nothing else.  His mental health is not good, and he's recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has no family around him.  We agreed to send him a small amount to allow him to purchase some small items for his flat from his local charity shops to help to make the place a bit more homely.

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Homeless man unable to stay with parents

A very vulnerable man who was released from prison last April has found himself living temporarily with his parents following the breakdown of his marriage last December.  His father has prostrate cancer and is being visited by carers to help him, and his son sleeping in the living room on a camp bed is not an ideal situation.  An alternative place to stay has been found for the man in local supported accommodation, but the man recently had his jacket stolen while he was in a public place and his wallet and money were in the pocket.  He won't receive any further money until the end of April, so is completely without anything until then.  We agreed between us to send him £100.

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