Working man with three children left without carpet and a fridge freezer.

In Feruary we were contacted by one of our referring agencies about a man with three children who had moved to a 3 bedroomed house to accomodate them all. The man's three children went to live with him last January 15 but he did not receive the benefits for them until November, he works as a taxi driver and has had to go part time in order to care for the children.

The man was in desperate need of a fridge freezer because his one broke during the move to the new house, and he did not have the money to replace it.

When he went to view the house there was a carpet on the stairs and although it was old fashioned it was clean and would have done until he could have replaced it, but the housing association removed this in order to stop any germs spreading, it is there policy. They left the carpet grippers on the stairs.

The man's 11 year old son was running down the stairs and fell and caught his arm he then ended up in hospital where he had to have an emergency operation on his arm.

We bought the man a new fridge freezer which was delivered to him the next day and are currently trying to arrange a budget carpet to be layed on the stairs to avoid any other accidents.

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