Work Will Make You... Um... Struggle

This Client is diabetic.  Her husband works for HMRC and they don't have enough to live on.  She had not had any fresh food for weeks, and fresh food is a necessary part of any diabetic person's diet.  In the post she made, as a long-standing member of a hardship advice group, she said that as a "working family" all they had was half a pint of milk in the fridge, nothing in the cupboards, and hubby was having to walk to work every day, while payday was still a week away.

We made a grant of £75 to this very sweet lady, who was really struggling, just to get her and her hubby through to pay-day.  Our contact Member received an update from her shortly afterwards, replying to advice and links that were provided to her:

"They already have a Debt Plan in place and he earns over the limit for tax credits. [Her local] council got her a wet room sorted, and a benefits check was carried out, but there is nothing else she can claim. There wasn't enough money for her to get an adjustable bed, which she needs so I have given her the links to some places she can apply to for a grant. As she is struggling so much her husband is going to take partial retirement so he can be at home more to look after her. He won't be able to get any pension yet, but they'll be able to claim help with their HB and CT."

Just a part of the conversation that our contacting Member had with this lovely Client:

"I will be so happy to let hubby know he doesnt have to walk to work, and he will be happy i will have some fresh food."

In statements like this, it's easy to feel the sheer relief that Clients experience when they realise that they're not facing their difficulties alone.  If you're donating to us, or have in the past, please feel immensely proud of what you are helping us to achieve for our Clients.  Without you, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.  Bless you all.

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