When Support Systems Fail...

This lady had a carer who left recently, and our Member found she was in a real state. She had had no care since her carer/partner left. She has various illnesses disabilities and is in the WRAG group. She hadn't being eating some days at all. Or washing. She needs to be in the Support Group as she has unavoidably missed WRAG  appointments and has worried this week about sanctions.

She has now been reffered to a social media support group for help to apply for PIP as she needs to be put in the disabled people's DWP Support Group. Her mobility is a huge problem for her. She struggles to wash and dress and even make tea or drinks.

Her words to our Member when asked how is she making herself drinks,

"I am trying to cope when I can the rest of the time I have water by sofa to drink."

Last night she burnt herself trying to cook. Our Member contacted Adult Care Services to arrange for a social worker to go and assess her needs, as she isn't eating for days because she cannot stand to cook. She sometimes can't get a hot drink either or to bathroom to wash or dress, Or her hands don't work for her to do it safely. They are going to ring her and go to see her. Previously told by them if she didn't need help with personal care they couldn't help.

Her disabilities are listed below:

Cortex Syndrome
IBS ( suspected )
Some hip displaysia
Transitional Lumbasacral Vertebrae
Chronic Pain
Panic Attacks

Her walking and mobility is affected and she is tired and feeling sick all the time from taking up to 26 prescribed tablets a day,

Adult Services has been told by our Member that this Client needs OT to go in as she cannot shower due to dizzy spells as well. A LifeLine has also been requested.

She was due to be paid her next benefits on Thursday 17th. She had hardly any food in at all on the 14th. This is what she said she had in.

"I've got a bit of bread and butter. Two eggs. A bit of cheese. Some milk. Tinned veg. A couple tins of soup. Frozen veg. But that's about it. X"

Our Member urgently requested that we do an online food shop, for items she doesn't need to cook, sandwhich things etc, and for some money for her to get her through till other help is set up.

We did a food shop as requested, which was delivered on the 15th at 1:30pm.  We also bought her some sanitary products which were desperately needed as she only had a minimal stock remaining, and we gave her £100 to help cover any future outgoings.

As I've mentioned elsewhere in this blog, the feelings of relief and gratitude, that came from this lovely lady's thank you messages, were almost tangible, so heartfelt were they.  And in this case our Member was also in tears, saying that although she's given to good causes before, she has never before felt the way this job made her feel.

That's why we do what we do.  It's highly addictive.  And it is made possible ENTIRELY by you: ordinary, decent people who support our work.  Thank you all, most sincerely, for helping to change this lady's outlook on life.

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