When Is A Resident Not A Partner?

When the relationship has broken down irretrievably and when said partner has taken himself off to become a sofa-surfer, is the answer.

The problem in this case is that his post is still being delivered to the Warminster address that he departed from, leading Concentrix to suspect that the woman now living alone has secretly got him still living with her, which is absolutely not the case.  However, instead of sending anyone round to check, Concentrix simply stopped the tax credits upon which she relies.  This happens to too many people.

The local MP has, apparently, been ignoring her pleas for assistance too, and there are children in the house.

We made an award of £150 to this Client, to keep her going while the automatic mandatory reconsideration travels through the paperwork mill, to which she responded:

"Omg wow really? That's amazing and I'm eternally greatful. Sat here crying such amazing people thank you. Thank you so much xxxxx"

For anyone out there who you know might be going through the same issue, please see this link:

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