Well wishers

Since we posted the video and mp3 downloads we have received some lovely messages of support via our contact page. Hare are a couple of them.

We received this encouraging message of kinship from B

Message :
Thank you - that is all. I am working on a website that will help people make some kind of difference, as you do - I've no idea just what or how but I'm going to do something that helps others do something. And you're already doing it. I just wanted to say that you are wonderful. If I can ever help you, support you with online stuff, just say the word. 

And this is just a lovely message that reminded me why we started this from A

Message :
Oh my goodness! I've just seen your video about the Atos deaths and just started reading about your site. This is wonderful. Thank you so much. This is what I had been thinking about as it's so badly needed. Well done to all of you. We need one in every town. WE NEED ONE IN EVERY TOWN!! Sorry for shouting!

How lovely to receive such wonderful support.  We have responded to each and every message we received, and in other news, the song donated to us has helped us raise a further £72 to help those in need!  That's enough for us to send a family of four a decent food shop.  :-)

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