Washing Away Them Washday Blues

Another referral from an accredited outside support agency, this time for a young couple with a baby and toddler.  As we so often learn, this family's difficulties are down to cuts in their income, but these problems have been compounded in this case by an administrative error concerning their tax credits.  The sum of the misfortunes has been placing a real strain on the relationship between the parents, which the agency feels would ease if they could see at least a bit of light at the end of their particular tunnel.  As the support worker says in the referral email:

"I have been party to telephone calls that the family have made to Benefits and there seems to be little empathy or understanding for their situation even though the error was non fault of the families."

The family are in private rented accommodation.  Last week both their washing machine and their boiler broke down, and the landlord does not seem to be in any hurry to repair the latter.  Things have become so bad for this family that they've become regular clients at both the food and nappy banks.

Keeping the children clean and germ-free is obviously a main concern, and the referrer says that the mother is doing her very best in trying circumstances.

We bought this family a brand-new washing machine and sent them £80 so they could stock up their cupboards.

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