Study On An Inadequate Budget

This Client is a PhD doing post-graduate study.  He has a house, the mortgage for which is being paid by lodgers, but he had only £10 - £15 a week to live on after his boiler failed and he had the choice of either maxing out his overdraft or losing said lodgers.  Students these days like to have hot showers.  In my day it were a bucket under t'stand pipe in t'middle o' t'street among t'orses an' sheep, tha knaws!

No!  It wasn't!  Sorry - I got carried away there...

Anyway, as a fibromyalgia sufferer (quite severe according to the referrer) he wasn't aware that he could claim PIP.  That's now been rectified and he has sent off for an application form.  However, PIP decisions are still taking up to three months to complete and there is, of course, no guarantee that the application will be authorised.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, £10 - £15 a week is totally insufficient for anyone to try and live on, including household bills.

We sent this man £250 to help him get through the PIP application period.

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