Stick That In Yer Trumpet, Mister Minister!

A member of one of our friend groups responded to an article in Able Magazine written by one of the government's Ministers regarding help back into work, and it was a scathing reply indeed.  Again, I thought it worthy of referral to the group for discussion because of mentions of lack of heating and other shortages being suffered while the young lady was being helped into work.

The group agreed, and we had further support from the friend group when the young lady's adviser added his agreement that a small donation would go a long way to easing her difficulties.  We sent her £100 and the result was that we could almost feel the gratitude and relief coming off the screen in her thank you message.

It's always a very real pleasure to help someone who's teetering on the edge of The Abyss, but for whatever reason some jobs stand out more than others.  That was the case with this one for me.

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