Rays of Sunshine, Part 6

Getting through all of our success stories slowly but surely!!! Its been such a nice journey remembering all of the people we have helped, all of the people we have given some sunshine to!!! 

So, beginning of June. Beginning of summertime, nearing the summer holidays (which is a constant financial strain for many many parents on low wages or claiming benefits)

Our first case In June was on the 7th. B had already been for an appeal, and informed that she did not need to attend another medical for 24 months. 3 months later, she received a request for a medical, which she refused on the grounds of her appeal outcome. Even though she provided all information she was still sanctioned and left with nothing. We did a £50 food shop for her to keep her going and put a smile on her face and food in her belly.

On the 9th, we helped N. N was stuck after a relationship breakdown, and without money. It was too late in the day to get a shop to her, so in fact this was a 3 part assist. We transferred £30 to her that evening to enable her to buy food the next day for herself and her children (a Sunday). Then, on the Sunday morning we transferred to her another £40 for Electricity and Gas, and did a food shop of £102. Making her and her 3 girls very happy, safe, warm and fed.

On the 10th, and P was brought to our attention. A struggling student, who had issues with ESA, was left with nothing. Refused help from a food bank, due to previous help, we helped him with £60 to stock up his cupboards. Quite a quick and non-tangled case, job-jobbed!!!!

A repeat client today, on the 18th. Remember in the last update, the guy so severely hurt in an accident, and constantly having to prove his worth for benefits?? Well, still on an appeal rate, still not eating. We transferred £95 to keep him going till his appeal came through. (As an update here, you'll be pleased to know that his appeal came through and he is now on the correct benefits, and eating right!)

24th, and P was brought to our attention again. Still waiting on his disability benefits to come through, and out of the help we gave him, with nothing left. We transferred £70 to him to get him though the next few weeks.

Another on the 24th, we helped J with a £65.45 food shop. Another person left with nothing, given our help. 

M was left with no electric, no gas and no food. A common reason 'too much month at the end of my money!' We transferred £70 to him to get him back on track...

Into July. I've done so much since July I can barely remember the weather, but its supposed to be quite nice around that time of the year so I wonder if the sun was shining or not. Sometimes though, when you are living in constant worry, it doesn't really matter if the sun is shining, it still feels cold and dark.

Our first client on the 3rd July. C had fallen to bank charges - the bane of most peoples financial lives, but even more so when you survive and exist on little money. With children at home, we sent her £150 to see her through, and put some food on the table.

On the 6th, we had a young woman referred to us. She had suffered a horrific attack, and was waiting for her ESA claim to come through. Although this was being rushed due to the nature of the assault, it was still taking some time. Unable to work, or look for work, she was left with no food, no rent and no faith in the world. We transferred £150 to cover her missed rent as well as get some food.

On the 8th, J was sent to us. Currently 90 miles away from home, at the bedside of his severely ill son, waiting for another major operation, his JSA was stopped due to him not 'actively looking for work' (who would be actively looking for work when sitting by their sick child's bedside, waiting for an operation that could save their life?? Not me, that’s for sure!!). Living off food from the hospital café, the last of his money was down to £3. We sent over £75 to help him, and hope that his child made it out of the hospital safe and sound <3

Still on the 8th, K fell into trouble with the water board. Although they admitted it was their mistake, they still demanded over £1000 from her or they would cut her off. Having used her entire ESA to pay some of the bill, she was left with no food, and this huge debt over her head. We donated £200 to her, some for food and the rest for a payment to the water board to stop court proceedings, and also helped her with £10 a month for the next 6 months in order to relieve some of the pressure. 

Moving onto the 16th, and S was living with barely 2 pennies to rub together. A full time carer for her disabled child, her and her husband would regularly miss meals in order to feed their 3 children. Baking her own bread using plain flour rather than bread flour due to the cost. Her family had received help from the food bank 3 times in the last 9 months - there just simply wasn't enough money to go around. We sent her £120 to fill her cupboards and her belly.

On the 17th, A was brought to our attention after a most desperate post from her. A was at the end of her tether. Disabled, in receipt of ESA and cared for by her husband, she felt a burden on her Husband and Son, and wondered if they would be best off without her there. The money she had did not stretch far enough and she and her family were consistently going without food. We sent her £100 and considerably brightened her day, allowing her to finally get some proper food!!!!

Onto the 19th, and the last for July. T was waiting on her ESA claim to come through. As we know by now, this can take a very long time!!! left with no money, no food, no gas (which her cooker runs on) and no fuel for the car to get to the job Centre to chase her claim!! We transferred £120 to her enabling her to feed her family and put some fuel in the car to chase her claim!! 

That brings us to the end of July!!! As our resident 'finisher' says, 'Job Jobbed'!! And there were many Jobs Jobbed!!!

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