Rays of Sunshine, Part 5

Into May 2013! On the 7th our first client was S, who had fallen foul with the new Bedroom Tax. Although she had applied for DHP and her housing association had agreed to wait for the outcome of that, they then threatened eviction over a £40 debt. We paid the £40 direct to the housing association for her, saved her housing and enabled her to get back to work.

Another on the 7th. This was another heartbreaker. M had been a passenger in a car accident a few years previous, resulting in him breaking his back, losing inches off his height, issues with his knees and legs, and severe and debilitating pain, both physical and mental. This was the 3rd time in 2 years he was having to appeal not only his DLA, but his ESA also. Left with nothing in the cupboards or the fridge, unable to enjoy the hobbies he previously enjoyed, he was living on sugar water and really didn't care about anything anymore. We helped him with a £70 food shop, and hopefully gave him some hope of a better future. His benefits were eventually reinstated.

10th, and we helped a lady struggling to afford to feed her family with a £70 payment to fill her cupboards and brighten her day.

We helped another family on the 10th, struggling due to redundancy and about to lose their privately rented home. We gave them £100 to try and hold off their eviction, as well as a £65.81 food shop.

In the line of help we give, we often come into contact with other wonderful souls who are doing their best to help. The lady we helped on the 15th was one of these walking angels. She was putting her own time and money into helping a lad who found himself on the streets, with severe mental health illnesses, helping get him into medical care and housing. This lady, although struggling herself with an ESA claim, was giving everything she had into helping someone who had less. We donated £100 to help her recoup some of her costs, as well as future train fares whilst going to and from appointments to help this person.

On the 19th, we had a big one. W, a wonderful lady, who does much work in the online community helping those affected by benefits cuts and new processes. Her phone and internet was about to be cut off, and even with our help the phone company would not accept the bill paid in increments. After a donation from another charity, we paid £449 to help her stay online and connected, enabling her to carry on the wonderful and priceless work she was doing.

On the 21st, R was brought to our attention. She had been stolen from by a family member and was left with nothing for the month.  :( We helped her with £200, and hopefully restored her faith in humanity.

The 23rd, we helped P, who had been waiting for her JSA claim to come through and had nothing. £65 was enough to put food on the table for her and her partner to see them through till the claim was sorted.

The 28th, a Young Man sanctioned. £60 was sent to him to get him through the next few weeks.

And there we have the end of May. So many people helped, yet still so many left behind. As heartwarming as it is to help, it breaks our hearts at the same time that there are so many people forgotten about. But we will keep on keeping on - one case at a time, making a difference where we can. <3

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