Rays of Sunshine, Part 4

So, into April 2013, and as we had now come to expect there was no end to people who needed our crumb of hope. Some of the referrals we receive refuse our help, for in their eyes there are others worse off - others receive our help with more gratitude than I have seen anywhere before!

On the 4th, we had 2 cases that came to us and needed help. The first case actually gave us the record of 'furthest reached'!! D was a British citizen who had travelled all the way to Australia in promise of a job. However, he arrived and the job had fallen through. With a UK bank account, and a wait for benefits for 10 days, we helped him out with £50 to keep himself fed. A scary situation that must be, that far from home and nowhere to turn!!

Again on the 4th, a disabled lady who was due to have yet more surgery on her back was referred to us. Her DLA had been stopped, and she was in the process of moving from Incapacity Benefit to ESA. She was living with bare minimum Gas and Electric, had cancelled her phone and broadband package, but still was stuck with minimal food and her gas and electric about to go. We gave this lady £60 to see her through.

A rare case came to us on the 5th. J, a pensioner with no family, and very little visitors was struggling with bare cupboards. We transferred £20 to one of our members to enable them to pop round with a food parcel for her. There was much gratitude, as well as a telling off for meddling!! It turned out the lady we helped had spent too much on Easter Eggs for the neighbourhood children, and left herself short!

The 6th, and another case where ESA were giving L the run around. We transferred L £50 to stock her cupboards for herself and her son.

A few days clear, and then on the 9th A was referred to us. DWP were late in paying her, and she had already only been eating every other day to help make her shopping last for longer. We transferred £40 to her to get a weeks’ shop with.

On the 15th, we had one of our own members in a major pickle. After much badgering, we finally managed to persuade this member into accepting our help in clearing some long standing debts to avoid them losing some living necessities. Not an easy task with how independent this person is, but we succeeded!! A payment of £100 was transferred to them, and since our help they are back on their feet and out of hot water and debt!

A quiet few days, but then a case of the sort which make all of us hold our hearts tightly. A gentleman, with severe mobility issues, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his time in the services, and a whole load of other mental and physical ailments, told our referrer that he was on the verge of taking his own life. He had an important hospital appointment to go to, which would cost him £80 in a taxi. He also owed the volunteer transport service £53, so he could not use their services to get there. After much rallying around by our members, transport was secured at no cost to him, and we gave him the £53 to pay back the volunteer service to avoid this happening in the future.  A life saved.

That sums up April. A month of ups and downs, and smiles and tears <3

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