Rays Of Sunshine, Part 2

Considering that this uploading of Success stories has to be done when the mood is right, I could have a job for life here!  Starting with the 11th February and we're still only a fraction of the way through the list that has built up since starting the fund.  On this day we helped a chap who'd suffered a relationship breakdown and was waiting for his revised claim to be sorted.  £50 went to him to help him and his mother stock up on a bit of food for the interim.

There are some despicable people in the world, who live by the "might is right" principle that has no place in a modern society, no matter what their circumstances might be.  On 13 February, we received details of a 70 year-old woman who had been robbed by two younger people after they asked her for directions.  She was aboard a mobility scooter, and they whipped her purse out of the front basket.  With the considerable help of the local police, for which we are very grateful, we were able to get £70 to her to replace what was stolen.

15 February: Another £80 paid out, making a certain lady's day even brighter than the early Spring sunshine managed to do.

Also on 15 February:  Just as there are despicable people, so there are also genuinely decent folk like the next chap who we helped out.  He wouldn't switch his heating on because he wasn't prepared to use fuel that he knew he couldn't pay for.  We sent him £50 to help him overcome his predicament.

17 February:  We've come across some real horror stories as time has gone on, and the Client we "met" on this day was one of those which gave us an inkling of how bad things were likely to become.  We weren't wrong to expect worse, as time has proven beyond any question at all.  Today's Client was doing without heating because she had only £2.50 on her electricity meter, and she was having to sell personal effects and borrow money in order to buy food. She'd been living on what she described as "11p noodles" for some time and her hands were constantly shaking due to lack of proper nutrition. We were delighted to send her £50 to buy some proper grub.

21 February:  Another day, another robbery, this time of a 91 year-old woman in the South of England.  Once again, with the help of the local police, we were able to send £50 to take some of the sting out of the pain and shock that this elderly victim was feeling.

22 February:  We learned of a woman who was having to move out of her own home, so she could let it in order to keep the mortgage payments up to date.  Her mother had been helping her by up to £200 a month, but was beginning to feel the strain.  We sent her £100 as a booster, and to take some of the burden away from her mum.

25 February:  £66.06 sent as a food delivery to a lady who was at her complete wits' end, with a five-year-old to feed as well as herself.  She'd been told that her appeal would take nine to twelve months to come up, and she was receiving nothing in the way of State support in the meantime.

26 February:  £100 sent to a young lady who had fallen victim to a loan shark.

So, that brings us to the end of February's activity.  I'll try and do the future posts to cover a calendar month each.

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